Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha Namo Amitabha

        Amitabha, hi Brogme girls, I have 0% of love to any woman and more than 10% of compassion depending on my availability of time, money and health condition.  My best method for dealing with woman is using wisdom, not love, feeling and emotion.  Those things are unreal when current mind is unreal.  Love, feeling and emotion can have very bad karmas when you read Dharma talks talking about 'loves' and 'Dharma thoughts' later.  Woman can have Dharma affection for me, in other words you can practice what I tell you to practice and you can practice what I am practicing.  Again woman should not have any love, feeling or emotion for me because those things are unreal.  My conversations of the Dharma talks in this buddhist website are for unmarried woman, woman with no boyfriend, mostly for girls which are very much available on the internet.  I see old woman like my aunt, woman who has the same age as me like my Dharma friend and young woman like my niece:  This is what BUDDHA taught me.  Everyone are welcome to visit, study and practice Dharma that I teach and instruct you.  Namo AMITABHA BUDDHA, Arhat Thich Huyen Quang.  

        Amitabha, hi everyone, everyone should ask yourself these questions? Who are you? Before this life, where are you from? After this life, where will you go? What are real in this life and what can you bring with you into your next life? Everyone should think thoroughly about these questions. If you have any answer put it over here for everyone else to see. I will have wise answers for everyone here tomorrow.

Dharma talk A:  "Who are you?  Are the self real?"

         Amitabha, hi everyone, when someone ask you a question "Who are you?"  what is your answer? Most people may answer like "I am me, I has an ego or self, I has a mind and a body, why do you ask me that question?" Your answer is right and has nothing wrong at all with normal thinking of a normal person who do not know about Buddhism. You do not know because you do not read the Sutras of Buddha's teachings, you do not study Buddhism or no one teach, preach precious Dharma to you. When a person asks me "Who are you?", I have to look at that person to know if that person just asking me a normal question of worldly people or that person want to know about buddhist wisdom, if that person is teachable and will not get mad to my Dharma teachings. If he or she want to know about Buddhism, here i ask him or her some questions before i have a wise buddhist answer for him or her: 

        Ask "Do you have a name?"

        Answer "Yes, I have a name."

        - Do you have ego or self?

        - Yes, I have my ego.

        - You know horse cart or horse carriage right?

        - Yes, I know.

        - Is the frame of the horse cart the cart itself?

        - No, it is not.

        - Is the axle of the horse cart called the cart?

        - No, it is not.

        - Is the wheel called the cart?

        - No, it is not.

        - Is spoke of the wheel the cart?

        - No, it is not.

        - Is body of the cart the cart?

        - No, it is not.

        - Is the hood the cart?

        - No, it is not.

        - Is bridle the cart?

        - No, it is not.

        - Is whip the cart?

        - No, it is not.

        - Are all of them put and joined together called the horse cart?

        - No, they are not.

        - Hence what is a horse carriage?

         Silence with no answer. I explain "None of the single components that I just ask you or all of the components joined together can be called a horse cart. So the name of the horse cart or the ego of the horse cart are illusions." Likewise, all of the single body part like head, face, arm, leg, hair, skin, etc. ; form, feeling, perceptions, mental formation and consciousness (five aggregates); the eye-datum, the ear-datum, the nose-datum, the tongue-datum, the body-datum, the heart-basis (six senses); all five aggregates combined, all six senses combined; breath, speech, sorrow, happiness, bad lucks, good lucks, etc. cannot be called an ego or self. All of these body parts or mental activities combined together cannot be called an ego or self either. Hence an ego or self is an illusion, so a name of a person is just a name to call for distinguishing with other person and the name is not real. So the body is not real because when someone dies he or she cannot bring that body to next life with his or her soul (an unreal mind). Mind is not real too because when a person dies and has reincarnation in that person's next life or reborn in a different realm that person cannot remember anything from his or her previous life. Only the Buddha mind is the only thing that any sentient being (who still in the cycle of rebirths or Samsāra. Samsāra is a Sanskrit word for cycle of rebirths. Shakyamuni Buddha preached Dharma using Sanskrit language) owns in the realm of desires, realm of form and realm of formless.  All of these three realms are still inside the cycle of rebirths and deaths (Samsāra). To get out of Samsāra, the only easy and most certain way is to practice Pure Land to be reborn in the Western Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha. 


Dharma talk B:  "Before this life, where are you from? After this life, where will you go?"

         Amitabha, hi everyone, there are two questions that are very essential for a person's spiritual life but most of people does not know or never care to ask himself or herself: "Before this life, where are you from?" and "After this life, where will you go?" I had these two questions for myself a long time ago since I was a child but I did not have the right answers until I had wisdom in Buddhism. Before this life, you were a sentient being who still in the cycle of rebirths or Samsāra, maybe last life you were in an animal realm, or a human being realm with reincarnation to reborn as a human again, or an Asura realm or a heavenly being realm. You cannot be an Arhat, a Pacceka Buddha, a Bodhisattva or a BUDDHA because they already get out of cycle of rebirths or Samsāra and cannot reborn back into the cycle of rebirths. You did not practice, cultivate enough for your spiritual life hence you cannot get out of Samsāra, you were not belong to Buddhism too because only Buddhism has the ways for practicing to become an Arhat or Pure Land practice to reborn in Western Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha. Like other big religions of the world, Buddhism has the ways to practice to reborn as a human being again or reborn as a heavenly being.  A short answer for this question should be 'because of greed for worldly desires and ignorance (not knowing, practicing and cultivating Dharma) hence you are reborn again in the cycle of rebirths'. Question "After this life, where will you go?", answer for this question should be, there are two circumstances:

         A. Reborning again in Samsāra and

         B. Getting out of Samsāra.

         A. You will reborn again in Samsāra if: 

                A1.  You still have greeds for worldly desires; do not learn, practice and cultivate well enough of Dharma (or Buddhadharma, Sanskrit word is Buddha-dharma),

                A2.  You do not practice Pure Land Buddhism which is very easy to practice,

                A3.  You do not practice to become an Arhat which is very difficult to practice. 

         B. Getting out of Samsāra: If you do everything in opposite, contrary that i list in circumstance A you can get out of Samsāra. 

Dharma talk C:  "What are real this life and what can you bring with you next life?"

         These two questions are very essential that you need to ask yourselves too. The only real thing you own this life is your Buddha mind. You can only bring with you (your Buddha mind) any bad karma or good karma that you have made this life to your next life. When you die, you cannot bring your unreal body, your health, your properties, your wife (or husband), children and relatives with you. If anyone does not understand anything that I teach or if anyone has any question related to Buddhism you can ask me in the shoutbox in the homepage. I will be more than happy to answer your questions, sincerely, buddhist Hue Quang. 

Dharma talk D:  Please do not procrastinate when you like, wish to practice Pure Land

         When you learn about Pure Land (Pure Land Buddhism) you know that Pure Land is the best system in the universe. Because by this system only, you can become a Buddha in just one life time or much less. There is a big problem for most people who like to practice Pure Land. The problem is procrastination! You already have a firm belief about Pure Land when you learn and view Pure Land videos of real Pure Land practitioners in this website. You should make one or more great vows why you would like to reborn in Pure Land. A great vow can be as simple as: "Dear Amitabha Buddha, I wow to be reborn in Pure Land and cultivate more to become a Buddha. When I become a Buddha, I will begin to save countless sentient-beings and do what a Buddha do. Dear Amitabha Buddha, I already made my great vow, I already had a firm belief in Pure Land, from now on I will begin to recite your name many times to be reborn in your Pure Land." This great vow sounds simple but a Buddha has many tasks and responsibilities because of his great vows. Do not worry because Buddha has all kinds of powers and all kinds of abilities. This great vow is meaningful and is the most simplest vow that you can make to reborn in Pure Land. After making that vow I recite Amitabha Buddha's name about 10,000 times a day every day, that includes the times I recite Amitabha Buddha's name before a buddhist altar. 

         You should recite Amitabha Buddha's name about 10,000 times or more too to make sure you will be reborn in Pure Land. Do not worry because 10,000 times of Amitabha Buddha's name recitation is not much if it became your habit and if you have a buddhist rosary. A buddhist rosary has 108 beads and when you complete reciting Amitabha Buddha's name of one circle of the rosary, you recite Amitabha Buddha's name 108 times. Many Pure Land Patriarchs recited Amitabha Buddha's name as much as 30,000 times or more everyday. You do not need to recite Buddha's name that much because you have other things to do. You only need to recite Amitabha Buddha's name 10,000 times or more a day. Buddhist Hai Tinh made a survey of all the people who were reborn in Pure Land and most of them recited Amitabha Buddha's name about 10,000 times or more everyday. Most of these people were reborn in Pure Land in 2 years or less except for people who still has important Dharma to teach.  Many people can reborn in Pure Land with only 10 times of reciting Amitabha Buddha's name single-mindedly.  You can reborn in Pure Land
with only 10 times of reciting Amitabha Buddha's name single-mindedly too as preached by Shakyamuni Buddha in The Amitabha Sutra. 

         Three factors Faith, Vow and Practice are the cornerstones of Pure Land Buddhism. Faith is having firm belief in Pure Land:  Forty-eight Great vows of Amitabha Buddha are real, teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha are real, Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha is real. Vow is one or more great vows that you should make before the altar or a small Amitabha Buddha statue why you wish to reborn in Pure Land. The word 'reborn' is a Buddhist word. It means to be born in Pure Land. You can reborn in Pure Land even if you are never born in Pure Land before. Practice is reciting Amitabha Buddha's name often until you reborn in Pure Land. Practice of reciting Amitabha Buddha's name is the most important one of three factors that you should do to make sure that you will reborn in Pure Land. You should not recite Amitabha Buddha's name less than 10,000 times everyday because that indicates you do not have a will or an ambition to reborn in Pure Land. When you do not have a will or an ambition to reborn in Pure Land it will take longer time or it may take longer time for you to reborn in Pure Land. I say the word 'may' because like Mahasthamaprata Bodhisattva (Great Strength Bodhisattva) preached when He was a great buddhist monk in this world before: "Even if you know that one time of saying of Amitabha Buddha's name is enough, but you should try to recite His name many times. When you believe that with one saying of Amitabha Buddha's name, you can be reborn in Pure Land, but you should recite His name all your life." Mahasthamaprata Bodhisattva had a transformation body as a Pure Land Patriarch before and His name was Dharma Master Phap Nhien Thuong Nhan. Phap Nhien Thuong Nhan is how His name should sound in Vietnamese and I do not know His name is English.  If you miss one of these three factors, you cannot reborn in Pure Land !

         You should not delay, put off or procrastinate to practice Pure Land. Because no one is certain to be alive in the next hour. Many people who are over 40 years old said that they are not certain to be alive next week. Shakyamuni Buddha preached "A human being life only last as little as one breath. If he or she breaths in but does not breath out, he or she will die." Shakyamuni Buddha also preached "A person can die any time." When you know about impermanence you will understand what Buddha preached. There is a well-known buddhist poet said:

         "Do not wait until you are old to practice Pure Land,
         In the cemetery there are many people die when they are still young."

         There is a true story that many buddhists know. The story is about a great buddhist Monk had a good old friend. He advised his friend should practice Pure Land right away because impermanence could happen any time. He meant that his old friend could pass away any time when this old friend did not practice Pure Land yet. The old friend promised the Monk that he would practice Pure Land when he completed three things: First thing was to assist his daughter to get married, next thing was to assist his son to get married and one last thing he needed to do. I forget about this last thing of his and I will let you know later. The Monk advised his old friend (actually the Monk was old too but he was practicing Pure Land) that this was not a good idea for his friend because he could never have an opportunity to practice Pure Land. Because of loving his children and did not know about impermanence, this old friend still procrastinated and did not practice Pure Land yet. Unfortunately, he passed away before he had an opportunity to practice Pure Land! In his death ceremony, the Monk attended to pay his last respect to his friend. He made a poem like this to give his friend:

         "My friend is Trương Tổ Lưu,

         I advised him to practice Pure Land right away, he did not listen to me and promised to do that after fulfilling his three wishes,

         When he had not fulfilled his three wishes yet but impermanence arrived,

         King Yama did not respect me!"

         King Yama respects the Monk but his friend passed away because of the law of karma.

         When visiting this earth and looking at what human beings are doing, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas think: "What a pity! Most human beings do not cultivate enough for themselves. Any human beings who do not practice Pure Land are unfortunate ones." What Buddhas and Bodhisattvas think are completely true and you know I do not tell a lie. I extract these words from a Sutra. I told my friends about these words and I put these words in my Vietnamese Buddhist websites. These websites are visited by buddhists, Pure Land practitioners, Pure Land buddhists, buddhist Saints, buddhist Monks, Chan Masters, Dharma Masters, etc.  Without practicing Pure Land, you cannot get out of Samsara.  If you understand what I have explained so far, you should not procrastinate to practice Pure Land.  May you have much more wisdom and practice Pure Land as soon as you can.  

Dharma talk E:  HOW TO BECOME A BUDDHA, step by step

         Step 1: You must establish good reasons, a good mind set of why you would like to become a Buddha. For example: Living forever, forever happiness, no one in the universe can make a death of a Buddha (as a Sutra said), no longer being called a sentient being (Sentient beings include beings in hell realm, hungry ghosts or hungry spirits, animals, human beings, Asuras or Titans, heavenly beings or Gods, Arhats, Pacceka Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.), having the best wisdom, having his own Buddha's Land with many Boddhisattvas, having the best Dharma body, being able to preach Sutras to countless of sentient beings with ease, having Buddha's eyes to know everything in the universe, having no more any kinds of sufferings, etc. You should also read the sections "Life is difficult most of the time" and "Life is full of calamities" of the Dharma article "A Spiritual Goal for this Lifetime" in the Pure Land Buddhism section of the website

        Step 2: You should know that there is only one sure, easy way to become a Buddha in just one life time or much less. That way is to practice Pure Land (or Pure Land Buddhism) to reborn in Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land.

         Step 3: First, you should practice reciting Amitabha Buddha's name continuously from one day to seven days as preached in The Amida Sutra (The Amitabha Sutra).

         Step 4: You should have a simple buddhist altar with a small Amitabha Buddha's statue or a Amitabha Buddha's picture on it. The altar should has one or two small red light bulbs turned on all the time. The altar should has natural light of sun light in the day time and electrical fluorescent light in the night time. You should have a light blue buddhist gown to wear every time you sit down in front of the buddhist altar to recite Amitabha Buddha's name.

         Step 5: You should be a permanent vegetarian and keep the ten precepts every time. These ten precepts are mentioned in the Ingredients for Success in Buddha Recitation section in the article "A Spiritual Goal for this Lifetime". Exception for not being a permanent vegetarian: When you are old or you can have health problems when being a permanent vegetarian.

         Step 6: You should recite Amitabha Buddha's name at least 5,000 times in front of the buddhist altar and at least 5,000 times through out the day. You can recite less than 5,000 times in front of the buddhist altar and more than 5,000 times outside the buddhist altar with a total of 10,000 times everyday. But this way is not recommended because it is much easier for you to have afflictions when reciting Amitabha Buddha's name and it is much difficult for you to reciting Amitabha Buddha's name into lumps of mindfulness of reciting Amitabha Buddha's name. Lumps of mindfulness of reciting Amitabha Buddha's name can be attained when you recite Amitabha Buddha's name in multiples of ten times or more of reciting His name single-mindedly, e.g. 10 times, 20 times, 30 times, 40 times or more of reciting Amitabha Buddha's name single-mindedly.  You should recite Amitabha Buddha's name at least 10,000 times everyday. This may sound very many times but it should be easy and not much if you have a buddhist rosary or a buddhist bracelet. In front of the buddhist altar, you should use the buddhist rosary. You may refer to the Dharma article "A Spiritual Goal for this Lifetime" in the Pure Land Buddhism section for other ways to recite Amitabha Buddha's name. The first way is much better because you dedicate to recite Amitabha Buddha's name and you sincerely wish to reborn in His Pure Land. The other ways are easier and for people who are busy in life.

         Step 7: You should never quit reciting Amitabha Buddha's name even on a vacation. By doing so, your lotus that you will reborn in Pure Land will begin to fade down. You may not recite Amitabha Buddha's name in front of the altar while you are on a vacation but you can recite His name everywhere by different ways: In you mind, by soft voice or by regular voice.

         Step 8: Additionally, you should do many good deeds, merits, good karma, practice virtues and transfer all of these to be reborn in Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land according to one Great vow of 48 Great vows of Amitabha Buddha.

         Step 9: You should keep reciting Amitabha Buddha's name everyday until Amitabha Buddha appears in your dream and let you know the exact time and date He, Avolokiteshvara Bodhisattva, Great Strength Bodhisattva and other Pure Land's great beings arrive to take your mind to the Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land, the Land of Utmost Bliss.

        Step 10: On the last day of your life in this world, you should invite many people to recite Amitabha Buddha's name with you (at least two persons). You should take a bath or a shower, wear clean clothes and sit in front of the Buddhist altar in the last hour. When Amitabha Buddha, Avolokiteshvara Bodhisattva, Great Strength Bodhisattva and other Pure Land's great beings arrive, you should recite Amitabha Buddha's name clearly without any afflictions or defilements continuously and take your mind flying with Amitabha Buddha and these great beings to the Pure Land.

         Step 11: At Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land, you may cultivate more easily to become a Buddha. But as a Sutra said: "Being reborn in Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land has the same meaning with becoming a Buddha" because in the Pure Land, there are no three evil paths, ghosts, demons, Maras, night time, violence, wars, hunger, natural disasters, sentient-beings of two different genders, obstacles of any kinds to prevent you from further cultivations to become a Buddha. There are only peace, great Dharma sound and Dharma lectures, greatest environment, Great sentient-beings, etc. everywhere on that Land. When you become a Buddha, you will have your own Buddha's Pure Land with many Boddhisattvas accompanying you. You then have to move out of Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land for your own Buddha's Pure Land.

Dharma talk F for Huan:  What topics you should sing when you are a singer

         A Mi Tuo Fo, Ni Hao Huan, when you are a singer and when you sing any song, do not sing any song that talk about the love between two different genders like love between man and woman, love between boy and girl, never! Why? Because love is unreal when the mind is unreal. Two persons in love may promise many things for each other and do those things that make them reborn again in cycle of rebirths; they waste many times to go to work and earn money to pay for the house (or the rent), the car, properties and money to feed children so they do not have time for cultivating Buddhism or they do not have a chance to get to know Buddhism! By the nature of marriage, anyone who married cannot get out of cycle of rebirths (Samsara) unless that person practice Pure Land Buddhism. You should not dance or wear sexy clothes when you sing or dance neither. Why? Because sex in unreal when the body is unreal, the desire for sex is unreal when the mind is unreal. Because of the desires for sex, many people may do many bad things (hence have bad karmas) to have money to have boyfriend (or girlfriend) or to get married. 'Love' and 'sex' seem normal and everyone has love and sex but Buddha saw harms, hurts of them so He advises people to reduce love and sex when they can. BUDDHA also advise us not to make friend with singers, dancers, music composers because things they do seem entertain but only hurts, doing harms and having bad karmas for people. For the benefits and very much money for them, they do not care what they sell can harm, hurt many other people. Who are other people? They are their Dad, Mom, husband, wife, family member, cousins, relatives from previous lives! BUDDHA also advise us not to give the gift of music because gift of music is poisonous. Other poisonous gifts are weapons, poisons, alcoholic beverages, pretty women, things that can cause harms or hurts. You can only sing about topics like Parents' love, teacher and pupil acquaintance, love for your country, love for your hometown where you were born, love for your school, friendship. It is best for you to sing about Dharma and that is your choice. No singing about love between two different genders at all! I adviced both of my singer friends about this singing topic problem several times before. The first friend did not listen to me much because she does not have much wisdom about this problem. When I advised the second friend about this problem, she analyzed and realized it and listened well to my good advices. She even sang some Dharma songs. That will be very good for her because she stays out of all problems, troubles for her singing career later, sincerely, Thich Huyen Quang.

Dharma talk G:  Why should not female persons put sexy pics on the internet? 

        Amitabha, hi everyone, I visited a website with many sexy girls with little clothes pics !! You girls should beware of your sexy pics, too many male persons will make bad karmas and be harmed, hurt by the ghosts and demons. They have many ways of making bad karmas by seeing your unhealthy pics. They may make very bad karmas and be killed by the ghosts and demons. When those male persons die, they immediately know who killed them either directly or indirectly and they will have revenges. You girls are the ones that indirectly killed them so you will be suffered by their revenges by many ways, even your life. By the nature of the internet, your sexy pics will be spread out very quickly for many male persons to see and make bad karmas by many ways, even very bad karmas. So I suggest you girls, maybe ladies too, do not put sexy pics for male persons to see. Male persons are your Dads, Moms, family members, cousins, relatives even your dear husbands or wives in one of your previous lives, you just do not recognize that truth. If you want to show your healthy pictures, you should wear healthy clothes cover all sexual parts of your body.  Cbox does not keep the old messages so I have to put this message somewhere for girls, ladies, female persons to read.  Sincerely, Buddhist Sage Thich Huyen Quang.

Dharma talk H for Reiee:   Why you should be a 100% vegetarian

         Amitabha, hi Reiee, your food has meat in it. Try to be a vegetarian as much as you can Reiee. When you eat meat, you kill animals indirectly and they will follow you after their death for indirectly revenge. That does not seem much revenge but when you eat different kinds of meat of different animals in your daily three meals, the number of indirect revenges will add up and the consequences can be very bad.  At least, you can not get out of the cycles of rebirths and you can not practice Pure Land. Try to be a vegetarian as much as you can until you are 100% vegetarian. So there will be no revenges with your spiritual life improvement, Buddhism cultivation especially Pure Land Buddhism practice. Later, if you miss some taste and look of some meat you used to eat, you can always buy that kind of meat with same taste, same look in the supermarket but they are made from 100% veggie or natural ingredients. Yes, some kind of artificial meat with same taste, same look but 100% veggie or natural ingredients so you will have no bad karma at all and still enjoy veggie meat. I have been a 100% vegetarian for about ten years, only eat some kinds of veggie 'meat' like duck, chicken, pork and beef when I traveled to Vietnam for about a month before. Four kinds of veggie meat was made by buddhist Nuns and taste, look like the real meat. In the first week of being a vegetarian, heaven beings or Gods came down to praise and protect me and I have no more nightmares since. So give it a try to be a vegetarian as soon as possible Reiee, you will see, feel, experience a big difference in your life like I said. Sincerely, Thich Huyen Quang, my English Buddhist website is: and other Buddhist websites are:       

Dharma talk I:  Some advices for Jane about how not to lose sleep, why karma affect your sleeping quality and why you should be a vegetarian to have best sleeping qualities for life

         Amitabha, hi Jane, when you are sick, you should relax more, exercise when you could, take the right medicine with herbs or natural medicine is best (do not take artificial medicines, I do not know how to call them exactly, because those kind of medicines have many side effects and can be dangerous for your health, they will make you sicker), recite Amitabha Buddha's name as 'Namo Amitabha' and Medicine Buddha's name as 'Namo Medicine Buddha'. When you cannot sleep at night, follow one or more of these advices:

         a. Do not take much foods in the evening, a small meal is much better.

         b. Do not take foods that has strong tastes (too spicy, too salty, too cold, too hot, etc.) and foods that are difficult to digest as cabbages, fried foods, etc.

         c. Do not drink tea or coffee before bedtime.

         d. Do not watch television and read too much before bedtime.

         e. Do not think about anything that could make you have strong emotions as too angry, too sad, too excited, too boring, etc.

         f. Do not use any sleeping pills as a sleeping aid.  They have dangerous side effects and make you have bad habits.

         g. Close your eyes, lay down in bed and count backward from 100 to 1 slowly, you may get to sleep during time of counting backward or

         h. Turn on meditation music, relaxation music, natural sounds from nature like ocean sound, rain drops, etc. or

         i. Drink a cup of milk or

         j. Exercise a little or

         k. Walk around in your bedroom or

         l. Drink a cup of sweet water made from pure water and sugar or

         m. Meditate from 5 min to 15 min before bedtime.

         n. Do not make bad karmas from your mind (thought), mouth (say, talk, speak, tell) and body (act, do) during the daytime. Do not make any evil karmas at all from your mind, mouth, body. Evil karma will make you have a nightmare and very bad for your next life.

         o. Try to be a 100% vegetarian as soon as you can and as much as you can. Taking meat during the day will make you have a nightmare.  I wish you have much better sleep qualities, sincerely, buddhist Quang Hue.

Dharma talk J:  Definition of life using my wisdom 

        There is many different definitions about "What is life?" to date.  I have my own definition of "What is life?" using my wisdom and with this definition, I can cultivate up to a level of where I am today

        I read a girl's article in a blog with the title "Life is a game."  That made me think because I had a different definition for life before too.  Yes, life is a long game because most of everyone like to have fun for unreal mind and unreal body. When the game is over, they can not have anything for their real mind (also called Buddha mind or Buddha nature that everyone has one. The only thing that is real in the cycle of rebirths, everything else is unreal.)  More exactly, life is a long dream because everything in a dream is illusion, not real and cannot have them at all when everyone wakes up from a dream.

        That is what life is: A long game or more exactly: A long dream. Everyone should wakes up now, practice and cultivate Buddhism especially Pure Land Buddhism before it is too late. No one can say "I will still be alive tomorrow."  No one can. More exactly, no one can say "After breathing in, if I cannot breath out, I can still be alive!" That is a lie and impossible.  SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached "Life of a person last as long as a breath. After breathing in, if that person cannot breath out, he or she will pass away."  Everyone should wake up now and practice, cultivate like what Shakyamuni Buddha preached especially Pure Land Buddhism before it is too late.  Some Buddhist websites you can visit to have much more Shakyamuni Buddha's wisdom:    

        I wish you have much more Shakyamuni Buddha's wisdoms. 

Dharma talk K for Tey:  Why you should be a 100% vegetarian and how traveling by airplane is not good for your Pure Land practice  

        Amitabha, hi Tey, my first answer for you is my answer for Reiee about being a vegetarian. The second answer is the story of ghost on an airplane:  An airplane control person who tell airplane to fly on it route, when to take off, when to land, etc. He saw many ghost stories on planes in his career and this is one story that he told internet readers. He ordered one plane to land but the captain and assistant captain did not listen. They and the other ten passengers talked, laughed and danced. The plane crashed to the ground and all people on board died. Later the investigators found out that there was a lost airplane which also crashed. It had the same flight number, plane number, the same last names of captain and assistant captain, they and all of ten passengers on board talked, laughed and danced too. I told this scary story to my female friends, some of Vietnamese girls at Tamtay website, some girls at Lenglui blog because they take many flights with planes. My advice to you is to reduce travels by airplane to the minimum.

        Why does traveling by airplane is bad for Pure Land Buddhism practice?  This is a translation of a Bodhisattva Precept Upasaka from Vietnamese version of a Vietnamese Pure Land Venerable.  My translation is not this good: 

        The "Quan Nghi Luan" Commentary, a buddhist text devoted to answering and clarifying the various doubts and skepticism of many buddhists, taught: 

        There are ten types of people, when death arrives, they will not be able to hear a Buddha's name or be able to practice Buddha Recitation.  Who are the ten types of people?

        They are:

        1.  Those who never encountered virtuous friends (spiritual advisors) to encourage them to practice Buddha Recitation.

        2.  Those who are sick, having heavy karmic obstructions causing them too much pain and agony;  therefore, they will not be able to concentrate and focus to do Buddha Recitation. 

        3.  Those who suddenly become mute, unable to speak.

        4.  Those who lose their minds, having a mental illness, no longer able to think clearly. 

        5.  Those who are suddenly drowned in water or killed in fires.

        6.  Those who become a casualty to venomous predators or eaten by ferocious beasts.

        7.  Those who have evil (non-virtuous) friends who destroy their cultivated paths, leading them to lose their faiths.

        8.  Those who enter a coma and never again wake up. 

        9.  Those who are killed suddenly while in battle.

        10.  Those who die from falling from higher places. 

        Those are for normal people.  I read these Commentary before and prayed Amitabha Buddha and Pure Land Bodhisattvas to arrive and took my mind to Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land when I have one of those ten scenarios.  Amitabha Buddha and Pure Land Bodhisattvas agreed to take my mind to the Ultimate Bliss World. 

Dharma talk L:  Girls should not be jealous to each other. 

         Namo Amitabha, hi Lydia, I saw you talked in the Girl talks cbox.  You said 'Between me and her, who do you choose?' I choose you, her and every girl that I talk Dharma to with 0% of love and more than 10% of compassion according to my availabilities of health condition, money and time. I promise a little as 10% but give very much so my blessings, merits, Pureland attainments will not be affected. Girls, do not be jealous to one another when we meditate and know that last life you were all men. Last life I was a man too. Man is jealous with man because of a man make no sense. Human lifespan does not count when compared to Gods and BUDDHAs hence we were born with the same gender many times in our previous lives. My motto is 'Meet you, talk to you, train you, test you (by my wisdom) and leave you'. When I dedicate my time to teach many women Dharma so I have attained very much as you can see, not only for my wife who is the only one I dedicate my time to but I have no wife. Additionally, I teach Dharma to many other people too. If you need more Dharma teachings, I will be back to my other Buddhist website soon while still teaching and instructing other girls Dharma.

Dharma talk M:  How can buddhist Monks and Nuns eliminate desire for sex easily?  

        Amitabha, hi everyone, some of my methods to eliminate desires for sex are:

        A. Being a 100% vegetarian. When you are a 100% vegetarian, your desires for sex will be greatly reduced even though you are still young.

        B. Sleeping no more than 6 hours a day (5 hours a day if I could).  When you sleep less than normal two hours or more a day, your desires for sex will be greatly reduced even though you are still young.

        C. Contemplation of a gradually-decayed corpse.

        D. Avolokiteshvara Bodhisattva personally taught me this brilliant idea:  Think about shemale and hefemale. A shemale is female person who has a sexual body part of a male person.  Oppositely, a hefemale is a male person who has a sexual body part of a female person.  They were born 100% naturally like that without surgery.

         It is really a big trap, they were born like that not because of their gender but because of their last lives' karma they were born with their abnormal sexual body parts. Likewise, a female person is born as a female person because of her last life karma. A male person is born as a male person because of his last life karma. They were not born with the same gender every time in the cycle of rebirths (Samsara in Sanskrit language).  One hundred percent of shemale is a male person, 100% of hefemale is a female person, nothing is strange. SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached "There are many female persons who has a sexual body part of a male person (BUDDHA means shemale) on earth. There are also male persons who has a sexual body part of a female person (BUDDHA means hefemale) on earth even though they are much rarer."  You do not need to live two lives  to see a strange transformation of a female body or a male body by shemale or hefemale. 


Dharma talk N:  Buddhist's practices for a peaceful mind 

        Question of a reader: Buddha's practice for a peaceful mind.

        Answer: Peaceful mind comes from the inside of your mind, not from the outside environment. For a peaceful mind, you have two choices:

        A. Practicing any kinds of Buddhist meditations that BUDDHA preached in the Sutras

        B. Reciting AMITABHA BUDDHA'S NAME. Meditations is the passive way to purify your mind, reciting Amitabha Buddha's name is the active way to purify your mind so the results will be tremendously much better. SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached "The best kind of meditations is reciting Amitabha Buddha's name." You can pause for a relaxation after reciting Amitabha Buddha's name for a while. You can put an empty mind meditation in the pauses for much better attainments for your spiritual life. Everyone has two lives: Normal worldly life and spiritual life. Normal worldly life is temporary life and can last as long as a human being lifespan. Spiritual life can be temporary or can be permanent depending on the Path of your practice. Practicing Pure Land Buddhism is the most certain way and the easiest way for all human beings to get out of the cycle of rebirths with success rate of 97%. The other 2% is practicing meditation extremely well like a Zen Master until you can see your Buddha mind hence get out of the cycle of rebirths.  The remaining 1% is cultivating to become an Arhat to get out of the cycle of rebirths.  When there is life (a newly-reborn human) hence there will be death; after death, there will be a new life. When there won't be new life hence there won't be death; if there won't be death, how can a new life formed? To end the cycle of rebirths once and forever, there is only three ways:

        01. Cultivating to become an Arhat or

        02.  Practicing meditation extremely well like a Zen Master or

        03. Practicing Pure Land Buddhism. 

Dharma talk O:  You should have specific goals according to Dharma when you want to practice Dharma well. 

        Amitabha, hi everyone, you must have a goal when you want to have success of practicing Buddhism. Whether you want to take refuge in Buddhism, in other words you want to take refuge in the Triple Gems (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha: Buddhist Monks and Nuns in the past, present and future), or you want to practice Buddhism just to get rid of bad lucks and have more good lucks, or to practice the precepts of ten good deeds so you will not be reborn in the three evil paths (hell realm, hungry ghost realm, animal realm), to be a buddhist Monk or buddhist Nun, to be a buddhist Sage, to practice Pure Land so you can be reborn in Western Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha and become a Buddha or you just practice Buddhism to have more Buddha's Wisdom, you must have a goal. That is a big goal so you must break it down to smaller achievable goals with different time frames, what steps to take, what should you do, work, practice, cultivate to finish those smaller goals. Write those smaller goals down on the papers or your notebook and look at it regularly. When you make any of your mistakes when practicing Buddhism, write it down and correct that way of your practice. When you first practice Buddhism, you must read the Sutras regularly, you must have your own Dharma teacher, an experienced buddhist or a buddhist Monk or Nun so you can ask your questions anytime. When you do not have one, look for one and make friend with him or her. When you find out any of your mistakes when practicing Buddhism, you must see it, realize it and correct it. If you see your mistake and do not correct your mistake then your practicing of Buddhism will have no good results and cannot be improved. The first time you practice Buddhism there will be many mistakes, difficulties and embarrassments. You can practice Buddhism with your friends in group but when you have an excellent experienced buddhist, buddhist Monk or Nuns, buddhist Master by your side, your practicing of Buddhism will be improved tremendously. There will be times when you have no one for asking a question or need help. That will be no good. Like when you learn swimming or learn how to drive a car, you need a swimming teacher or a driving teacher by your side, if your teacher is not there when you are about to sink or do not know the meaning of a road sign when you drive, what should you do? That is why you should have a reliable buddhist instructor near you to instruct you whenever you have a question. 

Dharma talk P dedicated to Viann:  Benefits of meditation

         Amitabha, hi everyone, did everyone meditate yesterday? You should do. When you meditate, you will have the following benefits: 

        A.  Having less stress and more energy. 

        B.  Sleeping less hours still enjoy life more and more time to do things you love and things you must do: Cultivating what BUDDHA taught especially PURE LAND BUDDHISM.  

        C.  Having less useless gossip and karmas, karmas whether good karmas or bad karmas will be causes for you to be reborn in the cycle of rebirths, only Pure Land practice is the best opportunity to get you out of the cycle of rebirths and deaths. 

        D.  Having  more blessings and more wisdom. 

        E.  Getting rid of your sickness caused from stress, physical body order or imbalance. 

        F.  Using your time to the best when you are not busy or not thinking. 

        G.  When you know how to meditate well, you will be reborn in heaven (heavenly realm, celestial palaces, heavenly palaces, paradise or tiān in Chinese language). 

        H.  Helping you keep your precepts well and not to be harm, hurt by ghosts and demons. 

        Beside of sitting down meditation, you can meditate your mind while you walk, stand and lie down as well. The keys are to keep your mind as empty as possible and keeps your sense organs not contact the outside environments as much as possible. You will feel very good when you meditate like I instruct. That is how you can use your time best. Not better than Pure Land practice because like BUDDHA preached "Pure Land practice is the best of all kinds of meditations."  Everything inside the realms of the cycle of rebirths is unreal except for your Buddha mind. Whenever you meditate (the passive way) or recite Amitabha Buddha's name (the active way) you can let go of other unreal things and progress closer and closer to your Buddha mind.  By these methods, the opportunities for you to be reborn in good realms (human being or heavenly being) will be much better.  Beginning from today, everyone should bow down in front of a small Buddha statue on the altar (or in front of an imaginable Buddha) at least 10 times a day (I do at least 20 times a day and more) with your forehead and your knees, palms must touch the ground. By bowing down respectfully in front of Buddha's statue(s), you can erase and eliminate your bad karmas and evil karmas (if you have evil karmas, I do not have any evil karmas.  For evil karmas, you need to have other repentance and reform chanting ceremonies as well), have good connections with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in various ways, be respected by different kinds of spirits, human beings and heavenly beings; will be blessed by BUDDHAS and Bodhisattvas and have precious wisdom for your normal worldly life (illusional or unreal life) and spiritual life (can be unreal or real depending on your methods of spiritual practices).  Starting from today, everyone should bow down in front of BUDDHAS and Bodhisattvas' small statues respectfully like the buddhist Monks, Nuns and buddhists do at least 10 times a day. There will be more systematical, thoughtful, insightful and wise buddhist practices for everyone on the other days. Sorry for talking Dharma long, next time they will be in website 

Dharma talk Q for Viann:  How to erase your scares of Pure Land practice

         A Mi Tuo Fo, Ni Hao Viann, when you hear about being reborn in Pure Land, you maybe shock. I was shocked when I talked about wanting to reborn in Pure Land with some Vietnamese celebrity singer friends before too (I am not a singer or celebrity.)  But I sat down and thought well about these questions: "Is reborning in Pure Land scary?" and "Does reborning in Pure Land downgrade my normal worldly life?" When I find out the answers for these two questions, I have no more scares and shyness. For the first question, here is my wisdom: Whoever practices Pure Land well will be informed by Amitabha Buddha exactly the date and time that Amitabha Buddha, Quan Shi Yin Bodhisattva, Great Strength Bodhisattva and other great beings in Pure Land will arrive to take his or her mind to Pure Land. Around the time of being reborn in Pure Land, their physical body has no pain, their mind let go of everything that is still attached to their mind and their wisdom does not lost. Dharma protector Bodhisattva will drive away any ghosts or demons who still follow these Pure Land practitioners. For the second answer, here is my wisdom: Normal worldly people just do worthless things for the pleasures of their unreal mind and unreal body. When BUDDHAs and Bodhisattvas look at what human beings are doing from above, They said "What a pity! Human being is doing unworthy things for their spiritual life. Anyone who does not practice Pure Land is pitiful."

Dharma talk R for Viann:  Explanation of unreal mind and unreal body

         A Mi Tuo Fo, Ni Hao Viann, do you want obvious explanations of why mind is unreal and physical body is unreal Viann? There are several ways to explain but these two ways are very obvious and undeniable:

         A. When a person reborn in next life as a different sentient-being or reborn again as a human-being by reincarnation, he or she cannot remember anything from his or her previous life. Their real mind (Buddha mind or Buddha nature) is the mind that still inside their mother's womb. The real mind at that time is still 100% pure and does not know anything from outside environments. When real mind begins to distinguish differences among things, the self (ego) begins to develop. Unreal mind is just a contaminated form of real mind. Like a clean mirror gets dirty by dirt, when using a cloth to clean the mirror, it will be clean again. In this example, mirror represents for real mind, contaminated mirror represents for unreal mind, dirt represents for what real mind gather from outside environments by sense organs, meditation or reciting Amitabha Buddha's name represents for using a cloth to clean dirt. Obviously, the current unreal mind that you have is not real. Unreal mind is just a contaminated form of real mind.

         B. When a person reborn in next life as a different sentient-being or reborn again as a human-being by reincarnation, he or she cannot bring their physical body from previous life with them. Obviously, the current physical body of one person is not real. 

Dharma talk S for Viann:  The important of the power of virtue for your next life above other unimportant powers

         A Mi Tuo Fo, Ni Hao Viann, Shakyamuni Buddha has preached about Five powers that make a woman confident like the followings:

         "A. The power of beauty

         B. The power of wealth

         C. The power of relationship

         D. The power of producing offspring

         E. The power of virtue

         But it is due to the power of virtue that a woman is reborn in fortunate states after death."

         You have got the ideas Viann. The first four powers can help woman much to live a pleasant life but they are not much necessary. The fifth power are truly necessary for a woman to be reborn in fortunate states after death like human's world, heaven or higher.  Therefore, you should pay much more attentions to the power of virtue and don't pay much attentions to the other four powers.  You cannot bring your beauty, wealth, relatives, health with you next life but your virtues, merits, your blessings that are transferred to reborn in Pure Land, and attainments of Pure Land practice next life. 

Dharma talk T:  Why should you purify your mind?   

        Amitabha, hi everyone, today everyone should limit unnecessary talks, unnecessary thoughts, talking to friends, gossips, watching television, watching movies, reading books, travel to view scenery, listening to music, joining for debates in forum, giving comments to celebrity pictures, etc. Anything that makes your mind impure. You must realize that you are nothing but your Buddha mind.  This is the only real thing that you own in unimaginable long cycle of rebirths and nothing else. When you read the Heart Sutra, you will see the phrase "Form or physical substance is nothing, nothing is form. Likewise, sensations or feeling, perceptions or identification, mental formation or mental tendencies, consciousness are nothing and vice versa (nothing is sensations or feeling, nothing is perceptions or identification, nothing is mental formation or mental tendencies, nothing is consciousness.)  Do you see small statues of Happy Buddha using two hands to cover his eyes, ears and mouth and say "See nothing evil, hear nothing evil and talk nothing evil"? Those are very wise methods everyone should practice.  At least you should meditate your mind when you walk, stand, lying down, sit down or recite Amitabha Buddha's name often when you have time. You can always have time regardless of how busy you are. Dharma or Buddhadharma is BUDDHA'S Teaching to everyone not just for buddhist Monks, Nuns or buddhists. Buddhism is an education not a religion. When you see, hear, talk anything except for Dharma you become unreal. Your Buddha mind become impure, you make one karma whether bad karma or good karma for you to reborn again in the unimaginable long cycle of rebirths. Your opportunity to be free, to get out of, to have a liberation from the cycle or rebirths (Samsara) will become smaller. Your way to the liberation shore or Nibbana (Nirvana) will be farther and farther. Your unreal mind (impure mind) will be farther and farther from your Buddha mind. That is what meditation or reciting Amitabha Buddha's name for: To purify your unreal mind and make it closer and closer to your 100% pure real mind (Buddha mind or Buddha nature).  For this reason, some people meditate for 70 days continuously at a buddhist monastery, the First Patriarch Bodhidharma sat down to meditate with his face facing the wall of the cave continuously for 9 years and some people recite Amitabha Buddha's name for 7 days continuously ... They see and attain many magnificent results in the process. This Dharma talks will be in website  Buddhist Sage Thich Huyen Quang. 

Dharma talk U for Jane:  What love is by my wisdom 

Three Sages of Pure Land:  MahasthamapraptaBodhisattva, Amitabha Buddha and Avolokiteshvara Bodhisattva

         There is many different definitions about "What is love?" to date.  I have my own definition of "What is love?" using my wisdom and with this definition, I can cultivate up to a level of where I am today.  In one of His previous life, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (Earth Store Bodhisattva) saw every woman, especially a girl, like a skeleton.  At that time, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva was already a high Bodhisattva, meaning he had accumulated tremendous blessings, merits and virtues from His previous lives.  She is just bones with flesh on them.

        I do not look at girls like Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva looking at girls.  I look at you like i am your older brother, your uncle or your father.  Likewise, I look at you as a male person (you were already being a male person in many of your previous lives or reincarnations) with long hair.  When you have many makeups on and look very differently, I look at you as a male person with no makeups and with long hair. 

         The process for some artists to draw a human figure is:
         a. First he (or she) draws the joints.
         b. Next he draws the bones.
         c. Next he draws the flesh and the hair.
         d. Finally, he draws the clothes on the flesh. 

        If we look backward, a human body is nothing but the flesh on the bones which does not last long with time. Every human being spends life by the process of:  Being born, getting old, getting sick, passing away or passing away sooner not spending the whole process, i.e.: Passing away at young age without getting old then getting sick or getting sick then passing away without getting old.  Hence life does not last long and impermanent.

         Likewise, love does not last long, illusional and impermanent. The concept of forever love is illusional. 

        Love is unreal (especially the love between two different genders) when the mind, feeling and emotion are unreal.

         Most of the time, love is developed by the greed for sex by men and special feelings with greed for love from women. SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached: "Man and woman are the same. The only differences between them are:

         A. Low-pitched voice and high-pitched voice 
         B. Shapes of bodies

which are very attractive by the two genders."

        Visit these websites for wise Dharma teachings: and  I wish you have much more wisdom, sincerely, Thich Huyen Quang.

Dharma talk V for Beatrice:  You do not need much money to have great success with Buddhism.

        When I moved to California to be a buddhist Monk, I only have about $200 in my pocket.  I attained my first Sage title in California with no money, my other higher Sage titles while I was broke and have little money and my highest Sage title while I am still poor.  As you can see, I do not need much money to have great success with Buddhism.  Whenever I need some extra money, I play some free charity games online.  Free charity games is a source of making money on demand for me.  You can use money to make people do things you want, but you cannot use money to buy the unique fruitions of Buddhism or to have an Enlightened mind.  Only when you are content with what you have and practice correctly as BUDDHA preached, you can attain these fruitions and have an Enlightened mind. 

Dharma talk W for Hanie:  If you want to be tremendously ahead of the world, make sure you have these unparalleled systems 

        The three unparalleled systems are:

        A.  The best system in the universe:  Pure Land Buddhism or Pure Land because this system can make you become a Buddha in just one lifetime or much less.  This system can also help you get out of the cycle of rebirths and deaths with a success rate of 97% - 100%.  To know more, you should visit the homepage of website  By practicing this system correctly, I am praised by my Superiors with the most beautiful clouds formations in the sky again and again.  No doubts at all, this system is the best system in the universe. 

        B.  The second best system in the universe:  The buddhist Sage system.  When you become a buddhist Sage as an entry-level Sage, from that moment on, you are only on your path to cultivate much better and become a higher-level Sages until you become an Arhat, a highest Sage level or a perfect Holy Sage.  When you become an Arhat, virtually you are out of the cycle of rebirths and deaths and you end all sufferings of that cycle of rebirths and deaths even though it cannot help you to become a BUDDHA.  In Dharmapada Sutra, SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached "Attaining of the first stage of Sainthood is better than gaining control of the whole world."  Who has enough money or political power to gain control of the whole world?  It is virtually impossible.  By practicing this system correctly, I am praised by my Superiors with the second most beautiful clouds formations in the sky again and again.  No doubts at all, this system is the second best system in the universe. 

        C.  The third best system in the universe:  The formless realm system.  This system is extremely high but it is not recommended.  It cannot help you get out of the cycle of rebirths and deaths.  Together with the desire realm and the form realm, the formless realm make the Saha world.  All of known Gods in the world are residing in the form realm and lower.  No other kinds of religions have the correct practices to reborn in formless realm and above except for Buddhism.  

Dharma talk X for Josheen:  How to be the best version of yourself online

        Amitabha, hi Josheen, here are my suggestions for you therefore you can have the best version of yourself online.  Practicing or not practicing of what I instruct you is up to you.  I give you all instructions, wisdoms, motivations, etc.  for you to practice.  If you love your \*Buddha Mind*/ (The *symbols* mean your Buddha mind is the only thing everyone own in the cycle of rebirths and deaths, nothing else you can own forever.  It is your *true precious gem* and you need to make \wings/ for it to fly up as much as you can by practicing what I instruct you.  Everything else is unreal and illusional.), you should practice what I instruct you;  if you don't love your /*Buddha Mind*\, you can ignore all my instructions, make /no wings\ for your *True Gem* thus your *True Gem* will be degraded with time :(  For the best version of yourself offline, you need to stay near me for private instructions.  I'd been invited some of you for my precious instructions to have the best version of yourself offline but all of you denied my invitation.  Some of you are:  Quynh Nhu (Vietnamese), Thuy Huong (Vietnamese), Zhao Huan (Chinese), Viann Zhang (Chinese), Reiee (Malaysian) and you Josheen Ma (Malaysian).  I decided to accept no more intimate disciple.  Here are the step-by-step guide for you to have the best version of \*your life*/ online: 

        Step 1:  Read and understand  Dharma talk E:  HOW TO BECOME A BUDDHA, step-by-step

        Step 2:  Read and understand 48 Vows of Amitabha, pay special attentions to the Great vows number 18, 19 and 20.  

        Step 3:  According to AMITABHA BUDDHA'S Great vows number 19 and 20, you should know very well about what merits are and what virtues are. Merits are your good deeds of giving other people SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA'S Wisdom and Dharma preached by Sanghas and good wise advisors so they can have precious wisdom too.  Virtues are your moral excellence of abiding by all precepts, practice good deeds preached by BUDDHA, MAHASATTVA BODHISATTVA and behave in a dignified and appropriate manner according to BUDDHA'S Teachings. 

        Step 4:  To have merits, you should practice the followings:  You should read Sutras regularly, watch buddhist videos, read Dharma talks of buddhist Monks and buddhist Nuns, make a buddhist website or blog and put buddhist info and drive new visitors to your buddhist website or blog;  make cassettes, CDs, DVDs of Dharma talks and distribute for free; discuss Dharma (Buddhadharma) with other buddhists, Monks and Nuns in the buddhist forum;  tell other people about Dharma and give them good Dharma book(s) to read, if you are extremely good at Dharma, know what you are talking about and take full responsibilities for your Dharma talk(s) according to the law of karma (the law of cause and effect or the law of casualty). 

        Step 5:  To have virtues, you should practice the followings: 

The Cultivation Guidelines for Pure Land School Practitioners  (These guidelines are preached by SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA and taught by Pure Land Sanghas.) 

The Three Conditions in the Visualization Sutra (These Three Conditions are the main causes to reborn in Pure Land of past BUDDHAS.)

        The first condition: Be filial and care for and provide for Parents, be respectful to and serve Teachers, be compassionate and do not kill, and cultivate the ten virtuous deeds.

        The second condition: Take the three refuges, abide by all precepts, and behave in a dignified and appropriate manner. 

        The third Condition: Generate the Bodhi mind, believe deeply in the law of cause and effect, recite and uphold the Mahayana sutras, and encourage others to advance on the path to Enlightenment.

The Six Harmonies 

        Harmony in having the same viewpoints
        Harmony in observing the same precepts
        Harmony in living together
        Harmony in speaking without conflict
        Harmony in experiencing Dharma bliss
        Harmony in sharing benefits

Do Not Cultivate the Three Defilements

        Our every thought must avoid the three poisons and accord with purity (precepts), impartiality (meditative concentration) and proper understanding (wisdom).

The Six Paramitas that Bodhisattvas Cultivate

        Always cultivate the paramitas of giving, abiding by all precepts, patience, diligence, meditative concentration, and wisdom. Teach and help all beings to abide in the way to supreme, perfect Enlightenment.

The Ten Great Vows of Samantabhadra Mahasattva Bodhisattva
(After The Three Conditions, The Ten Great Vows of Samantabhadra Mahasattva Bodhisattva are the second best causes to reborn in Pure Land for Pure Land practitioners.) 

        All Pure Land practitioners should respectfully cultivate the virtue of Samantabhadra Mahasattva Bodhisattva:

        1. Respect all BUDDHAS,
        2. Praise TATHAGATA (a different name of BUDDHA),
        3. Make offerings extensively,
        4. Repent Karmic obstacles,
        5. Rejoice at others' meritorious deeds,
        6. Request BUDDHAS to turn the Dharma wheel,
        7. Request SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA to remain in this human being world,
        8. Constantly follow BUDDHA'S Teachings,
        9. Accommodate all sentient beings and
        10. Dedicate all merits universally.

        Compete Samantabhadra and cultivate according to His great vows in thought after thought, endlessly and continously without ceasing. My body, speech and mind will never tire of these deeds.

        That is all you have to practice to have the best version of yourself online Josheen.  When you practice like I instruct you, you will reborn in Western Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha or the Ultimate Bliss World.  When you are there, you will be on top of the universe with other BUDDHAS.  If you have any more questions about this Dharma talk, put it in the cbox on the homepage of this website.  I will be more than happy to answer your question.  Best of lucks for your true wishes, Thich Huyen Quang. 

Dharma talk Y for all girls and guys who still eat meat: My simple, very affordable and good tasting vegetarian foods that have made me fly ahead of the world and never turn back since

        The vegan food pyramids are: 


         For the grains group, I have one of these cereals:  One bowl of cooked Jasmine rices, bowls of instant noodles, three large French fries from Mc Donald restaurant with some tomato ketchups or boiled good quality potatoes.  Some reference pictures (reference pictures do not need to be big.  I do not want bad karmas for making people feel hungry): 


        Most of the time, I have just one meal a day and I have foods like this for about ten years!  You may think I am abnormal but I am not.  Like BUDDHA taught, I have just one meal  a day so my stomach do not work much through out the day and my stomach will be more healthy.  Buddha use Buddha's eyes and see the truth as the following:

        a.  Heavenly beings have foods in the early morning.
        b.  Buddhist Monks and Nuns, BUDDHAS have foods around and before 12 AM. 
        c.  Animals have foods in the afternoon.
        d.  Hungry ghosts have foods in the evening. 

        Buddha also sees the following:  When anyone has foods after 12 AM, the time that many hungry ghosts are released to be around, they see you take foods but they cannot eat at all hence they will be angry at you and follow you for revenges.  Specifically, they try to prevent you from meeting the Dharma, BUDDHA'S Teachings and good wise advisors like me.  So the cultivation path for your spiritual life will be very limited even if not at all! 

        For fruits group, I buy different kinds of fruits with peel like mango, banana, orange, tangerine, etc. Some people do not wash hand before choosing the fruits. Bagged fruits are expensive, canned fruits are much cheaper. Usually I do not have fruits, I use vegetables to replace for fruits. 

        For vegetables group, usually I buy frozen bagged vegetables like mixed vegetables, green bean, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. to eat with a bowl full of rice.  Cauliflower, broccoli, mushroom, carrot, etc. help you prevent cancer.  Reference pictures: 


        For beans and protein foods, I rarely buy canned beans and I can maintain healthy weight.  When I lose weight, I will buy beans or Whey brand powdered protein products to use.  I never lose much weight when being a 100% vegetarian.  

        For oils, I use one teaspoon of sesame oil with one tablespoon of Maggi brand soybean for a bowl full of rice.  I can eat cooked rice with these ingredients with no other foods.  Reference pictures:


        For beverages, I buy purified spring water bottles, honey green tea bottle, occasionally soft drinks or coffee (you drink more than one can of soft drinks a day, your risk of cancer will be much higher.  You drink more than one cup of coffee a day, your risk of heart attack will be much higher.), healthy fruit beverages.  

        For completely-nutritioned foods, I buy vegan spring rolls, vegan egg rolls, vegan bagged pizza rolls, vegan boxed pizza, vegan fried rice, vegan Vietnamese sub or vegan Vietnamese sandwich.  Reference pictures: 


        To have complete nutrition supplement for a day, I use 100% natural one-a-day multivitamin and multimineral capsule in a bottle.  The bottle of multivitamin and multimineral capsule is very affordable. 


Dharma talk Z:  Attentions everyone!  These two different words can make you or break you as SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached:  Loves and Dharma thoughts.  Translated by buddhist Sage Thich Huyen Quang

SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached about two words 'loves' (Vietnamese word is tình) and 'Dharma thoughts' (Vietnamese word is tưởng

        Buddhist Dieu Nguyet!  Pay attentions to what I preached, for you I will preach: 

        Dieu Nguyet!  All sentient beings after dying from this realm, then have rebirth in other realm, cycle of rebirths and deaths happen continuously without ending.  Every time near the time of death, all good karmas and bad karmas which are made by that sentient being during lifetime will show up clearly.  Every sentient being who spends his (her, its) lifetime always thinks about Dharma (Dharma is what BUDDHA preached and Sanghas preached), speaks and does accordingly to that Dharma;  will reborn in heavenly realm in his next life.  If living (think, speak and do) of Dharma at all time, he (she, it) has also cultivated for blessings, merits (merits and virtues) and attainments of Pure Land practices, when his life end, his Buddha mind will be enlightened and be able to see all Buddhas of ten directions;  with his great vow for Pure Land, he will reborn in Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land. 

        Sentient being who has less loves (especially the loves between two different genders), more Dharma thoughts (loves less than Dharma thoughts) will reborn as flying fairy.  They can fly easily but not as far as sentient being who lives of Dharma at all time. 

        Sentient being who has loves to be equal as Dharma thoughts will reborn as human being.  Why?  Because Dharma thoughts are bright wisdom, loves is dim ignorant.  When loves and Dharma thoughts are equal, sentient being neither can fly up nor being reborn down in less fortunate realms. 

        Sentient being who has more loves, less Dharma thoughts will be reborn as bird and animals, at a small level that sentient being will reborn as a flying bird, at a big level that sentient being will reborn as a running animal. 

        Sentient being who has seven parts of loves and three parts of Dharma thoughts, will reborn as hungry ghost, usually enduring very hot temperatures, starving, thirst during hundreds of thousand lifespan.   

        Sentient being who has nine parts of loves and one part of Dharma thoughts, will reborn in hell realm.  At  a small level that sentient being will reborn in other places of hell realms that has limited time of sufferings.  At a big level that sentient being will reborn in Avici hell, the worst place of hell realms that has unlimited time of sufferings.  If besides of that mostly loves mind, that sentient being also has very bad karmas such as breaking the precepts, looking down and talking bad about Mahayana Buddhism, preaching Dharma wrongly, greed for alm offerings, taking advantages of other people respects, committing of the ten bad deeds (as opposite to the ten good deeds or the ten virtuous deeds) and the five greatest offenses (killing Dad, killing Mom, killing Arhat or Dharma teacher, interfering with Sanghas' harmony and making BUDDHA'S statue bleeding.);  that sentient being will get very bad fruits of reborning in Avici hells in the ten directions of the universe. 

        Buddhist Dieu Nguyet! In the Dharma-ending period, sentient beings in Jambudvipa (including Saha world of Shakyamuni Buddha) have more loves than Dharma thoughts, little good roots only, little blessings and are stingy, greedy, jealous. In their lifetime, they make all kinds of evil karmas; after death, they will have very bad consequences in the three evil paths (hell realm, hungry ghost realm, animal realm) in a long time.  So BUDDHAS in all ten directions feel very compassionate for them, always find ways to save them from their misfortunes.

        All Tathagatas appear in life, with right goals not only to preach the most profound Dharma to buddhist Holy Sages and wise persons but also to save all sentient beings who has bad karmas with large percentage of loves and small percentage of Dharma thoughts urgently.

        Buddhas use Buddha's eyes to look over all ten directions, see clearly that all sentient beings’ good karmas and bad karmas are not equal, their Dharma bodies and realms are different. The starting point of all karmas either good or bad are from the ksana mind, the ending point of all karmas either good or bad are also from the ksana mind. To conquer and change that ksana mind, the best method is to practice Pure Land Buddhism. 

(An excerpt in The Sutra of Reciting Amitabha Buddha's name continuously, chapter 1 Starting condition.)      

        Translator's commentary:  To date, no one can explain the two word 'love' and 'Dharma thought' clearly. In my own opinion, as a novice Buddhist with little Dharma knowledge, love is all concepts about loves, feelings, emotions; especially for two persons of different genders. Dharma thought is Wisdom or prajna Wisdom, in other words Dharma thoughts is what SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached. I have explained the meanings of love and Dharma thoughts exactly. At night, there are many beautiful clouds surrounding illuminated round moon and in the next morning, the sky is deeply blue, there are many beautiful clouds surrounding a brilliant sun. 

SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached about Distinguishing different levels of 'loves' and 'Dharma thoughts' 

         Ananda! All sentient beings in the three realms (realm of desire, realm of form and realm of formless) have cycle of rebirths and deaths, are from their habits of living, after death then has rebirth in other realm (hell realm, hungry ghost realm, animal realm, human being realm, Asura realm, heavenly being realm); near the time of death, the body heat is still warm, every good karmas, bad karmas and evil karmas that sentient has made during lifetime appear at once. Loves habits and Dharma thoughts habits are mixed together. Sentient beings who have 100% of Dharma thoughts habits will certainly reborn in different places of heavenly being realm. When being flying up, that sentient being's mind who also has enough blessings, wisdom and Pure Land vow, his (her, its) mind will be enlightened naturally, see all Buddhas' Pure Lands in the ten directions and reborn in one Pure Land with his vow. 

         When a sentient being has Dharma thoughts more than loves, that sentient being's mind will fly up but not far, and reborn as flying fairy, great strength demon king, flying Yaksa, going Raksasa (Raksha), moving to all four heavenly being's realms without interference. For those sentient beings, if they has good mind, good vow, support Buddhism, or support Buddha's precepts and follow a person who abides by all precepts;  or support Dharani and follow a person who recite Dharani;  or support meditation with patience, those persons are under the throne of Tathagata.

        When a sentient being has loves and Dharma thoughts equally, that sentient being's mind will not fly up or down, will reborn in the human being's realm, brilliant Dharma thoughts make that sentient being wise, dim loves make that sentient being ignorant. 

        When a sentient being has more loves than Dharma thoughts, will reborn as bird or mammal; at a large percentage, that sentient being will reborn as a creature with furs;  at a small percentage, that sentient being will reborn as a creature with wings. 

         When a sentient being has 70% of loves, 30% of Dharma thoughts so that sentient being's mind will be sunk down to 'the water wheel' (I just translate from the original old Vietnamese language, has no idea what 'thuy luan' is.), reborn at the border of 'the fire wheel' and endure hot air of fire, with a hungry ghost's body, usually being burnt by fire, because water can harm that sentient being, and spent hundreds of thousand lifespan without eating and drinking. 

         When a sentient being has 90% of loves and 10% of Dharma thoughts so that sentient being's mind will be sunk through 'the fire wheel', between the connection of 'the wind wheel' and 'the fire wheel';  at a small percentage, that sentient being will reborn in limited-timed hell realm;  at a large percentage, that sentient being will reborn in unlimited-timed hell realm. 

         When a sentient being has 100% of loves thus that sentient being will reborn in Avici hell (the worst hell of all hells.) If that sunk mind includes looking down and talking bad about Mahayana Buddhism, breaking Buddha's precepts, preaching Dharma with wild ambition of greed for alm givings, taking advantages of people respects, doing the five greatest offenses or doing the ten bad deeds, so that sentient being will reborn in Avici hells in the ten directions. 

         Because of evil deed, that sentient being will have very bad consequence.

(Chapter 4 - Surangama Sutra) 

        Translator's commentary: To date, no one can explain the two word 'love' and 'Dharma thought' clearly. In my own opinion, as a novice Buddhist with little Dharma knowledge, love is all concepts about loves, feelings, emotions; especially for two persons of different genders. Dharma thought is Wisdom or prajna Wisdom, in other words Dharma thoughts is what SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached. I have explained the meanings of love and Dharma thoughts exactly. At night, there are many beautiful clouds surrounding illuminated round moon and in the next morning, the sky is deeply blue, there are many beautiful clouds surrounding a brilliant sun.

Dharma talk A1 for Josheen, Beatrice, Jane Schwan and other talented guys and girls:  If you really want the best version of your life, Buddhism can certainly help you to get there. 

        Amitabha, hi Jane, you are a talented person. Office career can make you have headache sometimes, but it gives you good working environments, highly-respected, high salary, clean and safe working environment, etc. For selling better, you can watch some selling motivational videos of Brian Tracy from YouTube. However, selling can involve to making bad karmas and some pressures like you said because you are a girl.  I worked in the offices a few years and had some other good jobs too. After that when reading some Shakyamuni Buddha's sutras, I find out that spending very much times by working is not for me. It involves to making many bad karmas too. After listening to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas' advices, I pay much attentions and spend much time for practicing Buddhism, especially Pure Land Buddhism. When you hold a very good position in your company, even if you're a general manager, you have respects of all people in your company only. But when you hold a very good position in Buddhism, many people in your country, if not the world, will have high respects for you. The real things that you attain like blessings, merits (merits and virtues) and attainments of Pure Land practices will be tremendously different. You can visit website for my profile and this website and the previous website for my Dharma teachings. I wish you have much more wisdom, sincerely, Quang Hue.

Dharma talk B1 for some people like to say bad words or curse, do not know about ghosts and demons, do not know how to deal with them and do not know about the law of karma 

        Amitabha, hi readers, there are some people like to say bad words or curse. Karmas either good or bad are from three manners: Thoughts of mind, speeches of mouth and doings of body. In this human being world; ghosts, maybe some demons and human beings live together. In the day time, ghosts go around and mix with human beings but we cannot see them with our flesh eyes. We need heavenly being's eyes and above to be able to see them. When human beings behave normally and not related to ghosts, they are all right. But when any human being behave abnormally, mess with them, look down them, think bad about them, talk bad about them, laugh at them hence that human being will be in trouble !  Buddhists, Buddhist monks and Buddhist nuns may behave differently sometimes; depending on their courses of practice but they try to behave normally as much as they can when needed; but they know well about ghosts and how to deal with them. Most of other people do not know about ghosts and do not know how to deal with them.

        When you say bad words or curse, they think you are arrogant, look down to them and follow you to harm or hurt you. Your problem may not caused by ghost but by your bad karma. Whenever you scare of ghosts, demons who are trying to harm or hurt you, maybe very bad such as car accident, falling down from high places as ladder or tree, etc. You should always recite Amitabha Buddha's name or Quan Yin Bodhisattva's (Avolokiteshvara Bodhisattva) name. Believe me, most of people in the world have some ghosts, demons, spirits, etc. follow them for revenges for the very bad karmas they did in their past lives to those ghosts, demons, spirits, etc. The revenges can be harms, hurts, making you sick, making you poor, making you have bad relations with your relatives, making you have bad lucks, preventing you from seeing precious Dharma preached by SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA or Sanghas, preventing you from reading the Dharma teachings of good wise advisor (spiritual advisor) like me, especially making you not to become a buddhist Sage (when you become a buddhist Sage as an entry-level Sage, from that moment on, you are only on your path to cultivate much better and become a higher-level Sages until you become an Arhat, a highest Sage level or a perfect Holy Sage.  When you become an Arhat, virtually you are out of the cycle of rebirths and deaths and you end all sufferings of that cycle of rebirths and deaths.), especially making you not to see and practice Pure Land Buddhism as much as they can (because when you are out of the cycle of rebirths and deaths those spirits cannot follow you at all for more revenges. When you practice Pure Land, you have to practice some methods to make them forgive you of your very bad karmas to them in past lives.), making you not to have good connections with Bodhisattvas, Maha-Bodhisattvas (Mahasattvas Bodhisattvas or very high Bodhisattvas) and Buddhas, making you to die soon, following your spirit after you die and making you to reborn in the three evil realms.  The three evil realms (the three wicked realms) are the realm of hell, the realm of hungry ghosts and the realm of animals.  Those are possibilities that I can see ghosts, demons and spirits, etc. do to me and human beings when I practice Buddhism. 

        Those possibilities may not caused by them but by your bad karmas.  To prevent them, you need to read different kinds of sutras that talk about the law of karma (the law of causes and effects, the law of causality, the law of karmic retribution) preached by SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA to know more for yourself.  I will put the Law of Causality Sutra with pictures in this website soon for everyone to read and follow.  Good karmas and bad karmas hence there will be good consequences and bad consequences;  good seeds and bad seeds hence there will be good fruits and bad fruits; small, medium or big karmas either good or bad are preached by BUDDHAS for a while !!!! (the symbol !!!! expresses my scare of karma, especially the bad karmas, it is not my anger.  I am not saying bad words especially to my Superiors like senior Arhats, Pacceka Buddhas (partly-enlightened Buddhas), Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas Bodhisattvas and Samma Sambuddhas or BUDDHAS (fully-enlightened BUDDHAS).  Maybe there are about ten Sutras mostly talking about the law of karma and many other sutras talking partly about the law of karma.)  To sum up of what you should do, all BUDDHAS preached the following verse: 

        "Do all good deed,

        Avoid doing all evil deed,

       Purify your mind,

       These are the Teachings of all BUDDHAS."

      Of course, your best option is to read and practice all Sutras talking about the law of karma.  Your problem of saying bad words or curse is not only for you but for most other people who do not know about ghosts, demons, do not know how to deal with them and do not know about the law of karma.  My advice is you should learn how to chant and have buddhist chanting ceremony every week.  When you chant for spirits, they will have much better opportunities to practice Buddhism thus they can erase their bad karmas, having much more good karmas thus they can reborn in much better realms (world, realm of existence).  They can reborn in the Ultimate Bliss World of Amitabha Buddha.  Thus they forgive and forget the revenges to you.  If you do not want to chant, at least you should not think, say or do anything bad about them.  Sincerely, Buddhist Sage Thich Huyen Quang. 

Dharma talk C1:  The law of karma is real and The Law of Causality Sutra (The Cause and Effect Sutra) with illustrated pictures (pictures are moderately blurry) 

        The Law of Causality Sutra is translated into English by Vietnamese American buddhist Nhu Uyen Dam.  The translation of buddhist Nhu Uyen Dam will be in italicized letters.  The translation of other buddhist to make this sutra a completed version of what SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached will be in normal letters with other original color formattings.  

        My comments about the law of karma:  The law of karma is the natural law of the universe discovered by Shakyamuni Buddha.  Buddha use Buddha's eyes to see the law of karma affecting life of different sentient beings inside the cycle of rebirths (hell dweller, hungry ghost, animal, human being, Asura, heavenly being) and outside the cycle of rebirths (Arhat, Pacceka Buddha, Bodhisattva) including Himself when he was still a sentient being.  Buddha has no control of the law of karma and Buddha preached this law in different Sutras therefore we could know the law of karma like Him.  Buddha and every sentient being are effect by the law of karma.  There are rich people who die soon, there are poor people who have longevity, there are young people who pass a high level exam, there are old people couldn't pass any exams, there are people who have plenty of rice and money but have no child, there are poor people who have many children, there are couple who husband dies first and wife dies later, there are couple who wife dies first and husband dies later, there are people who child dies before grandparents and parents, there are people who live a happy life first and then live a suffering life later, there are people who live a suffering life first and then live a happy life later, there are people who live a happy life at the first part and the last part of their life but live a suffering life in the middle of their life, there are people who live a suffering life at the first part and the last part of their life but live a happy life in the middle of their life, etc.  There are so much differences because of the law of karma.  According to Buddha, sentient beings has innumerable differences of karmic body and destiny because they use their mind differently from their previous life.   

The Buddha Speaks of :  The Cause And Effect Sutra.

Of The Myriad Dharmas ... ...
The Kindness Of Parents Is the Greatest !

         The Verse of Maitreya's Advice on Filiality Says :
         In The Family There Are Two Buddhas,
         Regretfully, People In The World Do Not know ;
         No Need To Use Gold And Colour To Adorn,
         Also No need To Use Chandana To Carve ;
         Just Look At Your Present Father And Mother,
         They Are Shakyamuni And Maitreya ;
         If You Can Mark Offerings To Them,
         Where Is The Need To Do Other Merit And Virtue.

The Buddha Speaks of The Karma Sutra * Cause And Effect *

        Once upon a gathering at Lin-Shan Assembly, where 1,250 followers attended, Ananda, one of the chief disciples, after circling thrice with folded hands around Sakyamuni Buddha, bowing in respect, humbly asked : "In the present dark age, where the majority of our people are indulgent in unrighteousness, disrespectful to the Buddha's teaching, unfilial to their parents, immoral, miserable and sordid, among them some are deaf, some blind, some mute, some idiotic, some handicapped in other aspects, the most people inured to killing... could we understand the cryptic and fundamental principle or what consequences each individual is to suffer eventually for his deeds, My Lord, would you kindly explain there to us ?"

         Sakyamuni Buddha told Ananda and the rest of the disciples to listen carefully : I will now expound the law of Karma. Because of Karmic effects inherited from previous lives, some people are poor, some rich, and some miserable. There are four rules inseparable in obtaining happiness and prosperity for your next life.

         They are : to be filial to parents; to be respectful to Buddha's teaching, and to Buddhist monks; to abstain from killing and set free sentient beings ; and to abstain from eating meat and be charitable.

         Then the buddha proceeded on the Karma Sutra :"Destiny is the aggregate Karmic effects from past life. Past Karma determined your present destiny. Present Karmas are to mould your next life. Learn the law of Karma expounded as follows. For Karmas are consequential and my words truthful."

         Having spoken the sutra to Ananda and the other followers, Buddha added: "They are innumberable examples of the Karmic law. But l have only mentioned them generally."

         Then Ananda said :" Until the end of the present dark age most human beings wound have, though successive live, accumulated countless misdeeds because of their ignorance of the karmic consequences. But thanks to our Lord and the sutra he has so kindly given us, whoever writes and reads, prints and distributes this sutra, upon venerating the Buddha, will be blessed with eternal happiness and be able Amitabha Buddha, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and all other Buddhas in the heavenly realm." 

*Whatever you do will come back to you.
*Dress-up neatly and pay respect to the Buddha.
*To protect the Tathagata Monastery is to protect yourself.
*For building Buddha's image is mounlding yourself.

        Why is he holding the position of a high ranking government office?

        This generation is the consequence of his decorating the statue of the Lord Buddha with gold leaf in his previous life. 

The words PHƯỚC ĐIỀN mean Field of blessings.  When you give by putting money or checks into that box, you will have alot of blessings. 


        Why is he having the privilege to ride on a horse or travel on a sedan chair?

        It is the consequence of his contribution made to the public welfare by raising funds to build the bridge and repair the road in his previous life. 

        Why is he so rich as to wear in silk fabrics or in satin dress?

        It is the consequence of his donating robes to the buddhist Monks in his previous life. 

        Why does he not worry about food and dress?

        It is the consequence of his giving alms to the poor in his previous life. 

        Why is he so rich as to be able to live in luxurious mansion? 

        It is the consequence of his donating rice right to the door of the Nuns' monastery in his previous life. 

        Why is he sufficient in his luck and prosperity?

        It is the consequence of his generous donation made in the construction of the monastery for Nuns as well as of the pavilion built for the shelter of the public in his previous life. 

        Why is he so dignified in his outer aspects?

        It is the consequence of his offering flowers on the altar of the Lord Buddha in his previous life. 

        Why is he full of wisdom?

        It is the consequence of his daily prayers and chanting by the name of the Lord Buddha in his previous life. 

        Why can the husband and the wife live together for life in marriage?

        It is the consequence of his offering of streamers and silk pennants before the altar of the Lord Buddha in his previous life. 

        Why are both of his parents still alive?

        It is the consequence of his paying respect to those who were lonely in his previous life. 

        Why has he so many sons and grandsons? 

        It is the consequence of his setting the birds free from the cages in his previous life. 

        Why does he enjoy longliveness in his present life? 

        It is the consequence of his buying the livestocks and setting them free in his merciness in his previous life. 

        Why does she become a widow this life?

        It is because she scorned her husband in her previous life. 

        Why does he become a slave this present life? 

        It is because he did not appreciate and did not return the favour given to him by the other people in his previous life. 

        Why does he have bright eyes to see the world this present life?

        It is because he donated the oil money to light up the statue of the Lord Buddha in his previous life. 

        Why is he dumb and deaf this present life? 

        It is because he used to scold his parents in his previous life. 

        Why does he become a hump back in this present life? 

        It is because he made fun of the people who worshipped the Lord Buddha in his previous life. 

        Why does he become a cow or a horse this present life? 

        It is because he did not care to discharge the debts he owed people in his previous life. 

        Why is he free from illness this present life? 

        It is because he used to donate medicines for the treatment of the sick in his previous life. 

        Why is he all alone by himself without any relatives or friends in this present life? 

        It is because he used to harm other people with an evil heart in his previous life. 

        Cause:  Explain and preach the correlative relationship between the Cause and the Consequence.

        Consequence:  Kindness knows no bounds.  (I think she made a mistake of translation here.  The correct translation should be:  To be rewarded with immeasurable merits and virtues.  Vietnamese words are Công đức vô lượng.) 

        Cause:  Making donations to decorate the statue of the Lord Buddha. 

        Consequence:  To be rewarded with noble title or holding of high ranking government office. 

        Cause:  Make offerings with fresh flowers to honour the Lord Buddha. 

        Consequence:  Become beautiful and attractive. 


        Cause:  Alms giving in the form of giving away garments and cloth. 

        Consequence:  To become rich enough to dress in silk fabrics and satin. 

        Cause:  Offering rice to the monastery for monks or nuns 

        Consequence:  Becomes rich to live in luxurious mansions. 

        Cause:  Help the weak and give alms to the poor.

        Consequence:  Rewarded to dress in purple silk robes. 

        Cause:  Abstain from killing livestocks and set them free. 

        Consequence:  Rewarded with plenty of offsprings. 

        Cause:  Making donation to build bridges and roads to facilitate the public. 

        Consequence:  Rewarded to travel in private vehicles. 

        Cause:  Respect the aged and the wise and virtuous. 

        Consequence:  Integral reward with luck, wisdom and longliveness. 

        Cause:  Point out to other people the solution to any problems.

        Consequence:  To be loved by everybody. 

        Cause:  To perform good deeds extensively to everybody.

        Consequence:  Wife and daughter-in-law are beautiful and virtuous. 

        Cause:  To bear hatred in heart against other people.

        Consequence:  Cannot bring up his own son. 

        Cause:  To violate another person's wife and daughter.

        Consequence:  Will be without a wife for the whole life. 

        Cause:  Frequent reading of obscene books.

        Consequence:  Will be blind in both eyes. 

        Cause:  To cause disputes among other people.

        Consequence:  Will be bleeding frequently.

        Cause:  Do not believe when told about the Buddhist doctrines. 

        Consequence:  Will be deaf in both the two ears. 

        Cause:  Maltreat domestic animals. 

        Consequence:  Ulcer and favus will be infected on the whole body. 

        Cause:  To be jealous of others.

        Consequence:  Will have a body with bad odour. 

        Cause:  Gossip frequently. 

        Consequence:  The mouth will be irregular in shape by birth. 

        Cause:  Beat one's parents.

        Consequence:  Will have a crooked hand this present life. 

        Cause:  To destroy a road or a bridge.

        Consequence:  Both the two feet will be crooked. 

        Cause:  To feel happy when seeing the misfortune of others. 

        Consequence:  Will be sick constantly. 

        Cause:  To lie to others purposedly.

        Consequence:  Will become a pig or a dog in the next life. 

        Cause:  Refuse to rescue others when they are in danger. 

        Consequence:  Will have the bad fate of staying in prison in the next life. 

        Cause:  Bring harm to others by spreading rumours.

        Consequence:  Will be poisoned to death by others. 

        Cause:  Look down upon servants.

        Consequence:  Ugly in outer appearance and short in height. 

        Cause:  To benefit oneself by bringing harm to others.

        Consequence:  Will hang oneself to death. 

        Cause:  To slander the monks or nuns.

        Consequence:  Will be hit by thunder or burnt by fire. 

        Cause:  To create hatred with others. 

        Consequence:  Will be bitten by a tiger or hurt by a snake. 

        Cause:  To laugh at and scold the beggar.

        Consequence:  Will be starved to death at the road side. 

        Cause:  Do not love one's wife or children. 

        Consequence:  Will become a widower and be lonely. 

        (I do not have some pictures for some verses.  When i have them, i will put them on this website.) 

Whether you reaped or you sowed ......
Effect : If you suffer in hell, blame yourself for what you did in your previous life.

Cause : If you in this-life recite the cause and effect sutra.
Effect : You will be respected by many people in your next life.

Cause : If you in this-life print and distribute the Cause and Effect Sutra free to all ......
Effect : You will become a leader to humanity in your next life.

Cause : If you doubt that eating vegetarian is cultivating charity.
Effect : Witness the happy and prosperous people around you.

Cause : It is good to cultivate giving to the Triple Gems.
Effect : You will be rewarded in return ......

Cause : If you carry the Cause and Effect Sutra ......
Effect : You will be free from disaster and calamity.

Cause : Do not think that the Cause and Effect is fallacious.
Effect : It will manifest either immediately of later in your life ......

Cause : If you spread the truth of the Cause and Effect Sutra ......
Effect : You will be wise and intelligent in life-after-life.

Cause : You are a Minister or an Officer in this-life ......
Effect : You gain the fruits because you cultivated with pains in your previous life.

Cause : If you in this-life insult the Cause and Effect Sutra ......
Effect : You are no longer a human being in your next life.

Cause : If in this-life you transcribe the Cause and Effect Sutra ......
Effect : The generations will be smart scholars and lived happily.

Cause : If you recite and act according to the Cause and Effect Sutra ......
Effect : Whatever you do will be witnessed by the Buddhas and Bodhisattva.

Cause : It is impossible to exhaust the speaking of the Law of Cause and Effect.
Effect : The fruit of a good deed will come in due course ......

Cause and Effect : The good cause you have accomplished in you previous life will be the foundation of your good fortune.

Cause and Effect : The good seeds you have planted in this-life will give you good fruits in your next-life.

Cause : If you doubt the efficacy of Cause and Effect ......
Effect : See how Maugalyayana could save his mother from suffering.

The Cause and Effect must not be treated as a small matter.
The Buddha's words are truth, you must not slight.

Cause : If people deeply believe in the Cause and Effect Sutra ......
Effect : this will bring them together to the land of Ultimate Bliss.

The Buddha Says :
    To understand your previous-life,
    Look at what you have in you present-life.
    To have a preview of your next-life,
    Examine your daily act in this life.

    *Past Karmas determined your present destiny.
    *Present Karmas will mould you next-life.

Dharma talk D1 for Qiu Qiu:  How to be a star, superstar and much more with Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings  

        The word star is not worldly star and the word superstar is not worldly superstar.  You can practice or cultivate these to be better than them: 

        A.  You practice Pure Land to reborn in Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha or the Land of Ultimate Bliss. 

        B.  You practice seven principles of conduct like Sakka to become Sakka.  Here is an excerpt in a sutra of Shakyamuni Buddha:   

Seven Principles of Conduct

        Formerly, bhikkhus, when Sakka, lord of the devas, was a human being, he undertook to practice unremittingly seven rules of conduct, by reason of which he attained his position of honor. What seven?

        01/ As long as I live may I support my mother and father;

        02/ As long as I live may I respect the elders of my family;

        03/ As long as I live may I speak kindly and gently;

        04/ As long as I live may I not speak maliciously;

        05/ As long as I live may I dwell in my house with my mind free from the taint of selfishness, generous, open-handed, pleased to relinquish (possessions), accessible to entreaties, enjoying giving and sharing with others;

        06/ As long as I live may I speak truthfully;

        07/ As long as I live may I control my anger and if anger arises in me may I quickly dispel it.

~IV: 95

        C.  You practice the ten good deeds all your life to reborn in heaven. 

        Buddha said: "All acts of living creatures become bad by ten things, and by avoiding the ten things they become good. There are three evils of the body, four evils of the tongue, and three evils of the mind.

        Three evils of the body are:  Killing, theft, and adultery; four evils of the tongue are:  Lying, slander, abuse, and idle talk; three evils of the mind are:  Covetousness (greed), hatred, and error (wrong views or ignorance).

        I exhort you to avoid the ten evils: 1. Kill not, but have regard for life. 2. Steal not, neither do you rob; but help everybody to be master of the fruits of his labor. 3. Abstain from impurity, and lead a life of chastity. 4. Lie not, but be truthful. Speak the truth with discretion, fearlessly and in a loving heart. 5. Invent not evil reports, neither do ye repeat them. Carp not, but look for the good sides of your fellow-beings, so that ye may with sincerity defend them against their enemies. 6. Swear not, but speak decently and with dignity. 7. Waste not the time with gossip, but speak to the purpose or keep silence. 8. Covet not, nor envy, but rejoice at the fortunes of other people. 9. Cleanse your heart of malice and cherish no hatred, not even against your enemies; but embrace all living beings with kindness. 10. Free your mind of ignorance and be anxious to learn the truth, especially in the one thing that is needful, lest you fall a prey either to scepticism or to errors. Scepticism will make you indifferent and errors will lead you astray, so that you shall not find the noble path that leads to life eternal."

        D.  224. Speak truth and be not angry,
                     from little give to one who asks,
                     by these conditions three to go
                     unto the presence of the gods.

Verse 224 of The Illustrated Dhammapada: Treasury of Truth 

        E.  Shakyamuni Buddha preached about virtues that women should cultivate: 

Virtues that Women should Cultivate

        Virtues that would conduce towards the well-being of women both in this world and in the next have been promulgated by the Buddha as follows:

        01/ Religious devotion.

        02/ A sense of shame and fear.

        03/ Not disposed towards malice and animosity and anger.

        04/ Not jealous.

        05/ Not niggardly but large-hearted.

        06/ Pure in conduct.

        07/ Virtuous and moral.

        08/ Learned and steeped in knowledge.

        09/ Ardent and zealous.

        10/ Mentally alert and nimble.

        11/ Wise and sagacious.

~S. IV: 143

Seven blessings  

        There are seven ways of generous almgivings call great blessings, who could do these will have blessings to reborn in Brahma realm.  They are: 

        1.  Building a Buddha tower, house for buddhist Monks to live. 

        2.  Growing a garden of fruit trees, bathing pond, trees that give shadow. 

        3.  Often giving medicines to heal people's illness.  

        4.  Making steady boat to save people's live.  

        5.  Building bridge, making boat for the weak to go across river. 

        6.  Digging well on the roadside for people to quench their thirst. 

        7.  Building restroom for people. 

        These are seven almgivings to have blessings to reborn in Bharma realm. 

Kinh Chư Đức Phước Điền 

The Discourse on Blessings [1]

        This famous text, cherished highly in all Buddhist lands, is a terse but comprehensive summary of Buddhist ethics, individual and social. The thirty-eight blessings enumerated in it, are an unfailing guide on life's journey. Rightly starting with "avoidance of bad company" which is basic to all moral and spiritual progress, the Blessings culminate in the achievement of a passion-free mind, unshakable in its serenity. To follow the ideals set forth in these verses, is the sure way to harmony and progress for the individual as well as for society, nation and mankind. 

        "The Maha-Mangala Sutta shows that the Buddha's instructions do not always take negative forms, that they are not always a series of classifications and analysis, or concerned exclusively with monastic morality. Here in this sutta we find family morality expressed in most elegant verses. We can imagine the happy blissful state household life fattained as a result of following these injunctions." (From The Ethics of Buddhism by S. Tachibana, Colombo 1943, Bauddha Sahitya Sabha). 

Maha-Mangala Sutta

        Thus have I heard. On one occasion the Exalted One was dwelling at Anathapindika's monastery, in Jeta's Grove, [2] near Savatthi. [3] Now when the night was far spent, a certain deity whose surpassing splendour illuminated the entire Jeta Grove, came to the presence of the Exalted One and, drawing near, respectfully saluted him and stood at one side. Standing thus, he addressed the Exalted One in verse:

        "Many deities and men, yearning after good, have pondered on blessings. [4] Pray, tell me the greatest blessing!"

        "Not to associate with the foolish, [5] but to associate with the wise; and to honour those who are worthy of honour — this is the greatest blessing. 

        To reside in a suitable locality, [6] to have done meritorious actions in the past and to set oneself in the right course [7] — this is the greatest blessing.

        To have much learning, to be skillful in handicraft, [8] well-trained in discipline, [9] and to be of good speech [10] — this is the greatest blessing. 

        To support mother and father, to cherish wife and children, and to be engaged in peaceful occupation — this is the greatest blessing. 

        To be generous in giving, to be righteous in conduct, [11] to help one's relatives, and to be blameless in action — this is the greatest blessing. 

        To loathe more evil and abstain from it, to refrain from intoxicants, [12] and to be steadfast in virtue — this is the greatest blessing. 

        To be respectful, [13] humble, contented and grateful; and to listen to the Dhamma on due occasions [14] — this is the greatest blessing. 

        To be patient and obedient, to associate with monks and to have religious discussions on due occasions — this is the greatest blessing. 

        Self-restraint, [15] a holy and chaste life, the perception of the Noble Truths and the realisation of Nibbana — this is the greatest blessing.

        A mind unruffled by the vagaries of fortune, [16] from sorrow freed, from defilements cleansed, from fear liberated [17] — this is the greatest blessing. 

        Those who thus abide, ever remain invincible, in happiness established. These are the greatest blessings." [18] 


(Derived mainly from the Commentaries)

[1] This Sutta appears in the Sutta-Nipata (v.258ff) and in the Khuddakapatha. See Maha-Mangala Jataka (No. 453). For a detailed explanation see Life's Highest Blessing by Dr. R.L. Soni, WHEEL No. 254/256.

[2] Anathapindika, lit., 'He who gives alms to the helpless'; his former name was Sudatta. After his conversion to Buddhism, he bought the grove belonging to the Prince Jeta, and established a monastery which was subsequently named Jetavana. It was in this monastery that the Buddha observed most of his vassana periods (rainy seasons -- the three months' retreat beginning with the full-moon of July). Many are the discourses delivered and many are the incidents connected with the Buddha's life that happened at Jetavana. It was here that the Buddha ministered to the sick monk neglected by his companions, advising them: "Whoever, monks, would wait upon me, let him wait upon the sick." It was here that the Buddha so poignantly taught the law of impermanence, by asking the bereaved young woman Kisagotami who brought her dead child, to fetch a grain of mustard seed from a home where there has been no bereavement.

[3] Identified with modern Sahet-Mahet, near Balrampur.

[4] According to the Commentary, mangala means that which is conducive to happiness and prosperity. 

[5] This refers not only to the stupid and uncultured, but also includes the wicked in thought, word and deed.

[6] Any place where monks, nuns and lay devotees continually reside; where pious folk are bent on the performance of the ten meritorious deeds, and where the Dhamma exists as a living principle. 

[7] Making the right resolve for abandoning immorality for morality, faithlessness for faith and selfishness for generosity. 

[8] The harmless crafts of the householder by which no living being is injured and nothing unrighteous done; and the crafts of the homeless monk, such as stitching the robes, etc.  

[9] Vinaya means discipline in thought, word and deed. The commentary speaks of two kinds of discipline -- that of the householder, which is abstinence from the ten immoral actions (akusala-kammapatha), and that of the monk which is the non-transgression of the offences enumerated in the Patimokkha (the code of the monk's rules) or the 'fourfold moral purity' (catu-parisuddhi-sila). 

[10] Good speech that is opportune, truthful, friendly, profitable and spoken with thoughts of loving-kindness.

[11] Righteous conduct is the observance of the ten good actions (kusala-kammapatha) in thought, word and deed: freeing the mind of greed, ill-will and wrong views; avoiding speech that is untruthful, slanderous, abusive and frivolous; and the non- committal acts of killing, stealing and sexual misconduct. 

[12] Total abstinence from alcohol and intoxicating drugs.

[13] Towards monks (and of course also to the clergy of other religions), teachers, parents, elders, superiors, etc. 

[14] For instance, when one is harassed by evil thoughts. 

[15] Self-restraint (tapo): the suppression of lusts and hates by the control of the senses; and the suppression of indolence by the rousing of energy.  

[16] Loka-dhamma, i.e. conditions which are necessarily connected with life in this world; there are primarily eight of them: gain and loss, honour and dishonour, praise and blame, pain and joy. 

[17] Each of these three expressions refers to the mind of the arahant: asoka: sorrowless; viraja: stainless, i.e. free from lust, hatred and ignorance; khema: security from the bonds of sense desires (kama), repeated existence (bhava), false views (ditthi) and ignorance (avijja). 

[18] The above-mentioned thirty-eight blessings. 

Dharma talk E1 for MrLonely and unmarried girls and guys at Brogme:  Why I will never get married 

        Of courses, when I am a Buddhist monk or Buddhist Sage, I cannot get married.  I have other reasons to be single in this life: 

        A. Read the wise story 'An enlightened Bodhisattva and an unfaithful man'. 

        B. Read the Dharma talk U for Jane:  What love is by my wisdom 

        C. I watched a very funny series of comedy show 'Married with Children' on television more than ten years go. You can visit YouTube to watch this series of comedy show. There are some main characters that I still remember are the dad Al Bundy, his wife Peggy, his son Bud and his daughter Kelly, his neighbor Steve and his girl friend Marcy. Later, she has a new boyfriend Jefferson. Nowadays Al are slimmer than before and his son Bud grew up. They have a good family but Al Bundy are not satisfied with his life. He gets very bored with his family life. When I watched this series of comedy show before, I got very bored with a family life too. Together with Wisdoms I got from preaching Dharma to my friend and from my Superiors, I decided to be single without a family and I was right with my brilliant decision.  

        D. When I worked at a Kroger store before as a bagger, I saw a very pretty woman who is rich, smart and I liked her. But behind her, there was a taller woman who is richer, smarter! Behind her, there was another woman with better qualities. But when I looked at the woman behind her, she is truly the best! She is the tallest, has the most money, smartest. When they left, I thought for a while about the good looking and rare women, but I realized they are just normal worldly women. They look very adorable but they aren't my kind of woman. I wished I could see a heavenly maid or Goddess, then a female Buddhist Sage behind her but those are just a dream to see them.  

        E. More than ten years ago, I had a Vietnamese celebrity girlfriend. She was truly my dream and idol woman. She sings very well, looks very pretty, very smart, talked softly, etc. I often talked to her online and wanted to marry her sometimes. Before I went to California to practice as a novice Buddhist monk, I missed her so much and didn't want to leave her. I thought I should forget about learning how to be a Buddhist monk and marry my dream woman. I went to a local Kmart store to buy a few stuffs. When I went to the checkout, there was a very pretty checker, she looked very educated, polite, talked softly and respectfully. She looked better and seem to be better than my dream woman. I wanted to get her attention but she didn't care. The next two days, I came back to Kmart store and asked her friends about her. They said they don't know and the team leader said she left one day ago!!    

        When I went to the Dollar General store next to Kmart store to buy more stuffs, there was an American girl with a best body shape I have ever seen! Her body looked much better than the Bosnian girl who worked in the same company with me. She looks like an American, tall, single, romantic but she is a Bosnian. Two very adorable girls had stayed in my mind all day. It was very rare for me to see those kinds of girls in a small area of my city, I had an opportunity to see them. There will be much much more very pretty girls of other cities. They aren't rare at all, my dream woman is obviously not the best and I can easily find out another dream woman after learning how to be a Buddhist monk in California. Next day I changed my mind, said good bye to my dream woman, decided to go to California for much better future. When having much more precious Wisdom of a Buddhist monk, I decided not to get married any more. There are some Vietnamese guys who have the same thoughts like me about marriage after we had some Dharma discussions. 

        F. When I get married, my wife is mainly the one who gets benefits from me.  What I give her in my lifetime won't benefit me much like what I benefit by working for Bodhisattvas and Buddhas.  When you work for Bodhisattvas and Buddhas you will certainly have the best benefits in the universe.  When I am single and free for buddhist tasks, many women will benefit from me not just my wife who is the only one who benefits.  Therefore I have much much more blessings, merits and virtues and attainments of Pure Land practices.  By the nature of marriage, no one can have liberation from the cycle of rebirths except for practicing Pure Land.  When Shakyamuni Buddha got married in many lives, he was a King in many lives but never had liberation from the cycle of rebirths until Buddha left his family to be a Buddhist monk. 

        G. When I get married, the love my wife could give me is very small as compared to the love my Superiors give me.  She has too many limitations as compared to my Superiors. 

Dharma talk F1:  You can have happiness with Buddhism by these opportunities

        You can have these opportunities with Buddhism: 

        A.  You can be a buddhist by taking refuge in the Triple Jewels. 

        B.  You can read Shakyamuni Buddha's Sutras or Dharma preached by Sangha to have more wisdom. 

        C.  You can practice many kinds of meditation to relax your mind and to have more wisdom. 

        D.  You can recite Amitabha Buddha's name to purify your mind. 

        E.  You can repay more than what you owe your parents by telling them to take refuge in the Triple Jewels to become a buddhist.  You can repay alot more than what you owe your parents by telling them about Pure Land Buddhism and encourage them to practice Pure Land. 

        F.  You can practice Pure Land very easily to reborn in Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha. 

        G.  You can learn about the law of karmas and apply it to your life so your life can be much better. 

        H.  You will know how to do only good deed, not doing evil deed and purify your mind like the teachings of all Buddhas. 

New updates 

        New:  Namo Amitabha Buddha, in Vietnamese tradition and I think this should work for everybody too, there is a Buddhist holiday to celebrate Amitabha Buddha every year. This year, that day is on December 29, 2012. If anybody is practicing Pure Land Buddhism and wish to be born in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha, the Land of Utmost Bliss, you should go to a temple or a monastery for chanting. If the temple or monastery doesn't celebrate Amitabha Buddha's holiday, you should chant at home the sooner the better, as fast as one week before Amitabha Buddha's holiday happens. The Sutra for chanting is the Sutra to celebrate Amitabha Buddha, this is the best Sutra but if you don't have this Sutra you can replace with a normal Sutra used for chanting. When beginning to chant, you should say respectively to Amitabha Buddha (or Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Patriarches, Saints, etc.) that you'd like to transfer all of merits of this chanting to Amitabha Buddha. You can also say respectively to Amitabha Buddha (or Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Patriarches, Saints, etc.) that the reason for your chanting is to celebrate Amitabha Buddha's holiday. If you do like what I am saying, your practice of Pure Land Buddhism (or just your practice of Pure Land because Buddhism is education, not just religion; Buddhism is equality for all; Amitabha Buddha made 48 Great vows to save all sentient-beings, anybody can practice Pure Land Buddhism, not just Vietnameses or Buddhists) will be much better, less objections in about one year. I will chant the Sutra to celebrate Amitabha Buddha this week. I practice Buddhism, especially Pure Land for a while;  Buddhas, Bodhisattvas also use clouds to instruct me so I know. Namo Amitabha Buddha.  These are pictures of Amitabha Buddha: 


        Mới:  Nam-mô A-di-đà Phật, nhân ngày Vía Đức PHẬT A-Di-Đà, ngày 17/11 âm lịch (ngày 29 tháng 12 dương lịch, năm 2012), quý vị nào có tu-hành theo Pháp môn niệm-Phật thì quý vị nên đến chùa để tụng Kinh.  Nếu chùa không tổ chức ngày Kỷ niệm lễ vía Đức Phật A-Di-Đà thì quý vị nên tổ chức tụng Kinh Vía Phật A-Di-Đà tại nhà càng sớm càng tốt, nhanh nhất là trước một tuần.  Khi tụng Kinh tại nhà quý vị nên khấn là quý vị hồi hướng tất cả phước đức và công đức của buổi tụng Kinh đó đến Đức PHẬT A-Di-Đà.  Quý vị cũng có thể khấn là quý vị tụng Kinh nhân ngày Lễ vía Đức PHẬT A-Di-Đà.  Nếu quý vị làm theo lời Tịnh hướng dẫn thì sự tu-hành niệm-Phật của quý vị trong suốt một năm sau sẽ được thuận lợi hơn nhiều.  Tịnh sẽ tụng Kinh vào tuần này và Tịnh tu-hành có Bề Trên hiện mây hướng dẫn nên Tịnh biết rất rõ.  Nam-mô A-di-đà Phật.  

        New:  Amitabha, new updates is moved to new updates page of English page. 

Message for readers  

        A few days ago was a buddhist day to remember Medicine Buddha.  I forgot to remind you of Medicine Buddha day so you can chant or recite His name for your cultivation of Buddhism and practicing of Pure Land Buddhism will be much better in one year.  However, you can chant or recite His name today.  The way to recite Medicine Buddha's Name is 'Namo Medicine Buddha'.  

        NEW: For the Malaysian girls, Singapore girls, Chinese girls and Vietnamese girls who know me, I will post appropriate codes of ethic for you to follow when you acquaint me.  Recently, Malaysian and Singapore girls are likely to show bare legs.  I don't teach you guys (girls) wear little clothes or sexy clothes.  I am not interested at all to see 'a leg to die for' neither !  You guys should stop wearing clothes showing your legs or please don't say you learn Dharma from me.  The following are my translation from my advices for Vietnamese girls in the website

        Sau đây là những điều các vị cần sữa chữa. Các vị nhớ sửa chữa để không bị nghiệp xấu. Như khi trồng khế thì cây khế sẽ mọc lên với những trái khế rất chua, như khi trồng ớt thì cây ớt sẽ mọc lên với những trái ớt rất cay. Tịnh không muốn những điều đó xảy ra cho học trò của Tịnh cho dù người đó là người học Phật pháp trên mạng:

        a. Có một vài vị muốn cưới Tịnh: Câu trả lời chung là Tịnh sẽ không cưới bất cứ ai. Tịnh cũng không có bất cứ bạn gái nào. Tất cả mọi quan hệ của Tịnh với tất cả các vị đều là quan hệ giữa Thầy và trò không hơn không kém.

        b. Có một vài vị muốn có chuyện đó với Tịnh: Câu trả lời chung là Tịnh sẽ không có chuyện đó với các vị. Thiện tai ! Thiện tai !

        c. Các vị thật sự là Cha Mẹ của Tịnh ở một trong những kiếp trước. Tuy nhiên các vị đừng nên lúc nào cũng nghĩ về Tịnh như con hiện đời của các vị mà chỉ nên nghĩ về Tịnh khoảng tối đa 10 phút một ngày thôi. Lý do là các vị nữ dễ sai lệch về tình Mẹ và quan hệ tình cảm nam nữ.

        d. Về trang phục các vị nữ nên tránh mặc những trang phục có ý về ái tình như màu xanh dương (nhất là mà xanh dương đậm) mà nên mặc áo màu lam thay cho màu xanh dương, màu đỏ thân thiết (ngoại trừ trường hợp màu đỏ với ý ngợi khen và tôn trọng bậc tu hành) và ái dục như áo quần hở hang khêu gợi dục tình. Các vị chỉ nên mặc áo quần màu cam (ý là tôn trọng tăng sĩ xuất sắc và bậc Thánh tu hành), màu vàng (ý là tăng sĩ ở cương vị Sa-di hay người tu hành Phật giáo), màu đỏ, màu trắng (ý là người tu hành trong sạch liêm khiết, hay có Trí huệ hơn người, hay người tu phạm hạnh không tà dâm, hay người tu hành niệm Phật giỏi, hay người nói Pháp hay, hay quan hệ giữa vị đó và Tịnh chỉ là quan hệ Thầy trò hay giữa Thiện tri thức và người theo học Phật pháp, nếu các vị bận màu trắng với ý đây là bậc tu hành đáng cúng dường chứ đừng có ý hứa cúng dường rồi thất hứa thì không nên), màu hồng (vị đó thấy Tịnh là bậc tu hành tự tại tương lai tươi sáng hay vị đó ưa thích pháp môn niệm Phật và sẽ tu hành niệm Phật.), màu xám hay màu bạc với ý đây là bậc tu hành đáng cúng dường chứ đừng có ý hứa cúng dường rồi thất hứa thì không nên. Các vị có thể bận áo dài có nửa vòng tròn trước ngực có ý là Tịnh là bậc tu hành có hào quang. Các vị có thể đeo mắt kiến đen có ý là các vị hiểu Phật pháp tuy khác xa với thế gian pháp nhưng đều là có thật vì được giảng giải một cách hợp lý, dễ hiểu. Các vị có thể đội nón màu đỏ, màu hồng, màu vàng lạt hay màu trắng có ý nói các vị là người đang theo học Phật pháp.

        e. Các vị chỉ nên bận áo quần, trang điểm tóc, v.v... với ý đây là bậc tu hành đáng cúng dường chứ đừng có ý hứa cúng dường rồi thất hứa thì không nên.

        g. Các vị đừng lúc nào cũng nhớ Tịnh, suy nghĩ về Tịnh như là 'bạn trai' mà rất tai hại. Thiện tai ! Thiện tai ! Các vị nên xem lại các bài viết nói về TìnhTưởng trích trong những Kinh Niệm Phật Ba-la-mậtKinh Thủ Lăng Nghiêm. Tình là tình cảm nam nữ, tưởng là Trí huệ Bát nhã hay Trí huệ. Tình thì không đúng với thực tướng của các Pháp vì người nam và người nữ không phải kiếp nào cũng cố định là người nam và người nữ, tưởng thì đúng với thực tướng của các Pháp vì người nam và người nữ sẽ chuyển đổi giới tính ở những kiếp khác nhau. Tình là đi xuống trên bước đường tu hành, tưởng là đi lên trên bước đường tu hành. Tình là đi vào bóng tối vô minh, tưởng là đi ra ánh sáng Trí Huệ. Tình là nẻo vào vòng luân hồi sanh tử vì vợ chồng sở hữu nhau, sở hữu con cái, sở hữu tài sản trái với thuyết 12 Nhân Duyên nên bị đọa luân hồi, vợ chồng vì quyến luyến nhau rồi hứa hẹn đời đời kiếp kiếp bên nhau nên bị đọa luân hồi, v.v... (trong phạm vi bài nói Pháp này Tịnh chỉ nói sơ chứ còn nhiều lý do khác), tưởng là đường ra giải thoát khỏi vòng luân hồi sanh tử. Tình là ý nghĩ tình cảm sai lầm, tưởng là xử lý một cách có lý trí bằng Trí huệ. Tình là mê vọng, tưởng là tỉnh thức. Trai lớn lên thì phải có 'vợ', gái lớn lên thì phải gả 'chồng', sau khi chung sống thì hai người có 'con', đó là chuyện bình thường ở thế gian. Dù sao Tịnh đã giảng giải cho các vị biết 'vợ', 'chồng' và 'con' là những ai và do nhân duyên nào nên mới gặp nhau ở kiếp này. Tình cảm nam nữ là chuyện bình thường ở thế gian, đối với bậc tu hành có Trí Huệ thì cần phải có tầm nhìn xa rộng không thiển cận nếu không muốn bị chư Thiên chê cười, chuyện tình cảm Bề Trên tuyệt đối ngăn cấm. Tình là mây xám, mây đen xấu xí che khuất ánh nắng mặt trời, tưởng là ánh nắng mặt trời chiếu rọi khắp nơi xóa tan những đám mây tăm tối đó và trên nền trời chỉ còn lại một vài đám mây trắng đẹp tượng trưng cho Trí Huệ. Tuy các vị hãy còn là hàng sơ cơ học Phật nhưng Tịnh cũng hoan hỉ giảng giải để các vị hiểu. Lành thay ! Lành thay ! Với Tịnh, nếu còn tình sẽ bị Bề Trên chê là học Phật mà không có Trí Huệ, nếu có tưởng thì sẽ được Bề Trên hoan hỉ ngợi khen. Lành thay ! Lành thay !

        Nếu các vị không biết ngăn ngừa những sai lầm mà các vị chưa biết hay biết mà các vị cứ tái phạm thì những nghiệp xấu ngấm ngầm đó sẽ rất tai hại cho các vị sau này. Thiện tai ! Thiện tai ! Như khi các vị thấy vây con cá mập trồi lên ở ngoài khơi xa thì các vị phảì lập tức bơi vô bờ liền. Nếu các vị ỷ y đợi nó đến gần thì đã quá trễ. Tốt nhất là các vị không nên bơi ở những vùng biển có để bảng cấm 'Nguy hiểm, cá mập !' Nghiệp xấu mà các vị không biết hay biết mà cứ tái phạm như những cục than cháy âm ỉ trong tàn tro, tưởng rằng than đã tắt nhưng nó vẫn còn đang cháy và có thể cháy bùng lên bất cứ lúc nào.


        The followings are things that you need to change. You should remember to change so you will not have bad karmas. Like when you plant a carambola tree then the carambola tree will give you very sour calambola fruits, when you plant a hot red pepper plant then the hot red pepper plant will give you very spicy hot red peppers. I do not want bad karmas for my Dharma learners even if they are learning, studying Dharma on the internet:

        a. Some of you want to marry me:  My general answer is I do not want to get married. I do not have any girlfriends neither. All my acquaintances to all of you are acquaintance between a Dharma teacher and Dharma students only.

        b. Some of you want to have sex with me:  My general answer is No because I am a Buddhist Sage. How untaught !

        c. You are really my parents from one of my previous lives. However, you should not think of me as your son in current life but you should think of me about ten minutes a day only. You easily go astray from a mom’s love to a female person’s love ! 

        d. When wearing clothes, female persons should not wear clothes to say about love as clothes with blue color (especially dark blue color) but you should wear clothes with light blue color to replace the blue color, you should not wear clothes with intimate red color too (except for red color to praise and show respect to a cultivator) and clothes to suggest lust as little clothes to invite lust. You should only wear clothes with orange color (to show respect for a good monk and a Buddhist Sage), yellow color (to say I am a novice Monk to keep ten precepts only or to say that you are a buddhist follower), red color, white color (to say i am a pure cultivator, or a cultivator with wisdom, or a cultivator who does not break precept of sexual misconduct, or an excellent Pure Land practitioner, or a person who preaches Dharma well, or your acquaintance to me is just an acquaintance between a spiritual advisor and a Dharma learner. If you wear clothes with white color to say I am a cultivator worthy of making offerings, then you should not promise to make offering to me then break your promise. You can wear Vietnamese long dress or dress with a half circle on your chest to say I am a cultivator with a Halo. You can wear dark color sunglasses to say you understand that Buddhadharma is very different from worldly dharmas but they are true because Dharma is explained by me to make it easy to understand. You can wear hats with red color, pink color, light yellow color or white color to say that you are learning Dharma from me. 

        e. You should wear clothes, have a new hairdo, decorate your hairs, etc. to say I am a cultivator worthy of making offerings then you should not forget your promise of making offering or you may have very bad karma. 

        g.  Hi Brogme girls and other girls, the content of this paragraph is like the content of the Dharma talk Z:  Attentions everyone!  These two different words can make you or break you as SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA preached:  Loves and Dharma thoughts with some of my wisdom that I learned from the sky.  The last paragraph is the conclusion. 

         h. You should not think much about me as your boyfriend and that will not be good for your spiritual life. Be careful ! Be careful ! You should read the excerpts of Sutras talking about love and Dharma thoughts in the Reciting Amitabha Buddha’s name continuously Sutra and Surangama Sutra. Love is loves between a male person and a female person, Dharma thoughts are Prajna wisdom or wisdom. Love is not right for the true nature of dharmas because a male person and a female person will change to the opposite gender in the cycle of rebirths. Love is the going down on the cultivation path, Dharma thoughts are the going up on the cultivation path. Love is the going inside to the dark of ignorance, Dharma thoughts are the going outside to the light of wisdom. Love is the entrance of the circle of rebirths and deaths because husband and wife own each other, own their children, own properties against the Theory of twelve of Causes and Conditions therefore they will fall into the circle of rebirths, husband and wife are attached to each other and promise to stay next to each other forever therefore falling into the cycle of rebirths, etc. (in this Dharma talk I just give some reasons but there are many other reasons), Dharma thoughts are the exit for freedom from the cycle of rebirths. Love is dealing with female persons using wrong worldly thoughts, Dharma thoughts is dealing with female persons with reasoning using wisdom. Love is ignorance, Dharma thoughts are awareness. Grown up boy has to married a wife, grown up girl has to married a husband, after living with each other for a while then they have a child, that is worldly normal affair. However, I explained for you who are ‘wife’, ‘husband’ and ‘child’ and what causes and conditions that they meet together in this life. Love between two persons of different genders are normal worldly affair, a true and wise cultivator need a large and far view to see what love is and avoid being laughed by heavenly beings, my Superiors strictly prohibit me from love with a worldly female person. Love is ugly gray clouds and black clouds cover the sunlight from the sun. Dharma thoughts are sunlight that shines everywhere removing gloomy clouds on the sky, there are only a few beautiful white clouds represent wisdom. Even though you are a novice Dharma learner, however I am happily to explain Dharma for you to understand. Good wisdom! Good wisdom! If I still have love, my Superiors will blame me for learning Buddhadharma but do not have wisdom, if I have Dharma thoughts then my Superiors will praise me. Good Wisdom! Good Wisdom!

         If you do not know how to prevent your mistakes that you do not know or you know but do it again and again then those hiding bad karmas will be very harmful for you later. Be careful ! Be careful ! When you see the shark’s fin that appear over the water level from the far away sea, then you should swim toward the seashore immediately. If you do not pay attentions and wait for the shark coming to you then it will be too late. The best option is that you should not swim in the sea that has a sign saying ‘Danger, shark !’ Bad karmas that you do not know or you know but you still repeat bad karmas like pieces of burning coals in the ash can burn up at any time.

        Hi everyone, I may have two more last Dharma talks and a new page of motivation to practice and cultivate Buddhism.  When I have time, I post new translations and important Dharma articles.  These are not my promises because I don't want to break my precept.  The rest of the time, I will have more time for reciting Amitabha Buddha's name in front of buddhist altar, drive visitors to my buddhist websites, work for my brother, etc.  You should learn, study, copy all of my buddhist works from my buddhist websites because when I reborn in Pure Land, these precious websites will be take down permanently.  My buddhist websites that I make since 2007 are:   and 

        The future of the world may depend on some of you after I reborn in Pure Land.  For most of you, you should learn, study, practice and cultivate what I taught in my buddhist websites at least for the benefits of your Buddha mind, sincerely, Thich Huyen Quang. 

My last talks to the girls that i know therefore they can improve their buddhist practices and cultivations much better 

        Amitabha, hi Brogme girls, I already left you guys for more time on other buddhist tasks.  The remaining Dharma talks for you guys I will complete soon.  I have to translate most of the Dharma secrets for Vietnamese girls first because that is my promise to some Chinese girls and Lenglui girls.  You guys don't have to post pictures and do blog posts for me or think about me!  You guys just do those chores normally as before I haven't met you guys.  You guys can go on with your life and if you guys have any  Dharma questions, you can post the questions in the cbox on the homepage of this website and I will answer your Dharma questions soon.  I already post many translations of my Dharma secrets for Vietnamese girls for you to read.  I also introduce some Vietnamese girls to you that I used to talk to them.  When i have time, i translate all of your English Dharma talks into Vietnamese for Vietnamese girls in Vietnam and oversea to study about my Dharma teachings.  I do not promise because promising too much and can not do make me break my precept.  For Vietnamese girls, I translate my English Dharma teachings for them as I translate my Vietnamese Dharma teachings for you.  When I left all of you guys (Vietnamese girls, Chinese girls, Malaysian girls and Singapore girls, etc.) my positions of me and you guys are obvious:  I am a buddhist Monk, a buddhist Sage, an Arhat Sage and a bilingual Dharma teachers and you guys are normal worldly girls, my Dharma friends following Dharma codes and no further acquaintance than these.  We have to follow the Dharma codes, regulations therefore we will all be happy.  Have a nice and safe day, Brogme girl.  Sincerely, Buddhist Sage Thich Tam Tinh. 

        A Di Đà Phật, chào các quý vị nữ trang Brogme va, Thầy đã rời khỏi quý vị để có thêm thời gian cho những việc Phật sự khác.  Những việc nói Pháp còn lại cho quý vị Thầy sẽ hoàn tất sớm.  Thầy phải chuyển ngữ đa số những bí mật Phật pháp của Thầy cho những cô gái Việt cho quý vị trước vì đây là lời hứa của Thầy tới một số cô gái người Trung Quốc và những cô gái trang Lenglui.  Quý vị không cần phải đăng những dán trang blog, đăng hình hay nghĩ về Thầy!  Quý vị cứ làm những công việc cho blog bình thường như khi Thầy chưa gặp quý vị.  Quý vị có thể tiếp tục với đời sống và nếu quý vị có câu hỏi Phật pháp nào, quý vị có thể đăng những câu hỏi trong hộp cbox ở trang chủ của trang này và Thầy sẽ trả lời cho quý vị sớm.  Thầy đã chuyển ngữ những bí mật Phật giáo cho quý vị đọc.  Thầy đã giới thiệu một số cô gái Việt mà Thầy từng nói chuyện đến quý vị.  Sau khi hoàn tất những Phật sự cho quý vị ở trang này, Thầy chuyển ngữ tất cả những bài nói pháp bằng Anh ngữ sang tiếng Việt cho những cô gái Việt ở Việt nam và hải ngoại có dịp nghiên cứu những bài giảng của Thầy.  Thầy không hứa vì hứa nhiều sẽ làm Thầy phá Giới.  Cho những cô gái Việt, Thầy chuyển ngữ những bài Pháp bằng Anh ngữ như là sự chuyển ngữ những bài Pháp tiếng Việt cho quý vị.  Khi Thầy rời khỏi tất cả quý vị (những cô gái Việt, Hoa, Mã lai á và Sing ga pho, v.v...) những vị trí của Thầy và của quý vị thì rõ ràng:  Thầy là Thầy tu, Thánh giả, Thánh A la hán và Thầy dạy Pháp song ngữ và quý vị là những cô gái bình thường, những người bạn Phật giáo theo đúng quy định của Phật giáo không hơn.  Chúng ta phải theo đúng những quy định Phật giáo như thế tất cả chúng ta sẽ được hạnh phúc.  Chúc những quý vị nữ Brogme một ngày mới vui vẻ và an lành.  Chào thành thật, Thánh giả Thích Tâm Tịnh. 

        I introduce you guys together in alphabetical orders.  For you, I will have a few sincerely advices with your buddhist cultivations.  After all, I give you conclusion advices for all of you guys.  Some advices may become new subject of my Dharma talk.  You guys are lucky because talking with girls is one of my buddhist projects, approved by my Superiors to introduce you the secrets of life, planting a good root for you to become the best in the near future.  No buddhist Monks or buddhist Sages will go in here to talk with girls!  So you guys won't have a good opportunity to know like i said.  Chinese girls, Malaysia girls, Singapore girls and Vietnamese girls, the followings are some of Dharma friends that I know and teach Dharma: 

        Thầy sẽ giới thiệu những người nữ với nhau theo trật tự của bảng chữ cái.  Thầy sẽ có một vài lời khuyên thành thật cho sự tu hành của quý vị.  Sau cùng, thầy sẽ cho quý vị những lời khuyên chung.  Một số lời khuyên có thể trở thành chủ đề nói pháp mới của thầy.  Quý vị thật may mắn vì nói Pháp cho những người nữ là một trong những dự án Phật pháp của thầy, được chấp thuận bởi Bề trên để giới thiệu với quý vị những bí mật của đời sống, gieo nhân duyên tốt cho quý vị trở thành một vị Phật trong tương lai gần.  Không có bất cứ Tăng sĩ hay Thánh giả nào sẽ vào đây để nói chuyện với gái!  Vì thế quý vị sẽ không có một cơ hội tốt về những điều tôi đã nói.  Những cô gái Trung hoa, Mã lai á, Sing ga pho và Việt nam, sau đây là một số của những người bạn sen mà Thầy biết và dạy Phật pháp : 

        A Vietnamese girl:  A new girl, I don't know her name and hope she will study what I teach on this website in Vietnamese language.  I will translate English Dharma into Vietnamese Dharma for you, no need to take an English course to know Dharma like many other Vietnamese girls!!  I wish you have much more Wisdoms. 
        Một cô gái Việt:  Một người nữ mới, thầy không biết tên của cô và hy vọng cô sẽ học hỏi được những gì thầy dạy ở trang này bằng Việt ngữ.  Thầy sẽ chuyển ngữ từ Anh sang Việt cho cô, không cần phải dự một khóa học về tiếng Anh để biết về Phật pháp như những cô khác!!  Thầy chúc cô có thêm nhiều Trí Huệ. 
        Anna:  She is a nice little girl, good at Vietnamese Literatures, still have many improper love thoughts!  Anna, you should read about the Dharma talk 'Talking about loves and Dharma thoughts' to not making many bad karmas.  You should also read the story of an Enlightened Bodhisattva and an unfaithful man to realize that love is just flower in mirror or moon under lake.  With careful thought, it is a zero number and it is illusional.
         Anna:  Cô là một cô gái nhỏ hiền lành, khá về môn Việt Văn, vẫn còn có những suy nghĩ yêu đương không phù hợp!  Anna, cô nên đọc về bài nói Pháp 'Nói về Tình và Tưởng' để không tạo nhiều nghiệp xấu.  Cô cũng nên đọc câu chuyện về một Bồ-Tát đã Giác ngộ và một người đàn ông không chung thủy để thấy được là tình yêu chỉ là hoa trong gương hay trăng dưới đáy hồ.  Với suy nghĩ cẩn thận, nó chỉ là một con số không và ảo mộng phù du.     

        AshOhTonic:  She is wise, a true dream wisher, an action-oriented to be the best version of her life.  Way to go AshOhTonic, congratulations and best wishes.  Thanks for offering me the food.  I will take it without hesitation so you can have tremendous blessings.  Don't worry I will get the meat out and take the rest.  Later you will be praised by heavenly beings, Bodhisattvas and BUDDHAS by offering food to an Arhat Sage once in your life.  You just plant a very good root for your buddhist cultivations and on your way to be the best.  Remember except for the Enlightened beings (Arhat, Pacceka Buddha, Bodhisattva and BUDDHA) outside the cycle of rebirths and deaths (Samsara), other sentient beings inside Samsara have to cultivate Buddhism under unhappy conditions and much efforts needed.  But it is just one lifetime, outside Samsara, you can cultivate Buddhism with very much happy, supporting conditions and very easy. 
        AshOhTonic:  Cô thì thông minh, là một người có ước mơ thật sự, có khuynh hướng hành động để trở thành hoàn hảo nhất trong đời.  Cứ vậy mà làm AshOhTonic, xin chúc mừng và xin gởì những lời chúc tốt nhất.  Cám ơn đã cho thầy thức ăn.  Thầy sẽ đón nhận không chút do dự để cô có được rất nhiều phước lành.  Đừng lo thầy sẽ lấy thịt ra ngoài và dùng phần còn lại.  Sau đó cô sẽ được chư thiên, chư Bồ-Tát và chư PHẬT khen ngợi cho việc cúng dường thức ăn đến một vị Thánh A-la-hán một lần trong đời.  Cô vừa tạo một nghiệp nhân rất tốt cho sự tu hành của cô và trên con đường để trở thành hoàn hảo nhất.  Hãy nhớ là trừ những bậc Giác ngộ đã có Hào quang ra (Thánh A-la-hán, Bích chi Phật, Bồ-Tát và PHẬT) bên ngoài vòng sanh tử luân hồi, những chúng sanh hữu tình khác bên trong vòng sanh tử luân hồi phải tu hành dưới những điều kiện không hạnh phúc và cần nhiều sự cố gắng.  Nhưng chỉ một đời thôi, rồi bên ngoài vòng sanh tử, cô có thể tu-hành Phật pháp với những điều kiện hỗ trợ, rất hạnh phúc và rất dễ dàng.   

        Audrey:  A cute girl with respects for Dharma.  Way to go Audrey, if you have any Dharma questions, ask me in the cbox.  Even Dharma or BuddhaDharma is unreal like the moon under the lake.  But if you take advantages of Dharma and get what you want, you don't need no more Dharma.  Dharma is like Buddha's pointing finger to the moon, what you want is the moon not Buddha's finger.  Dharma is also like a boat taking you across the river to the other shore.  When you get to the other shore, you don't need no boat.  Other shore represents Liberation shore out of Samsara, boat represents Dharma, river represents one life or more lives in Samsara. 
        Audrey:  Một cô gái xinh xắn với những sự kính Pháp.  Cứ vậy mà làm Audrey, nếu cô có bất cứ câu hỏi nào về Phật pháp, hãy hỏi thầy ở hộp cbox.  Như cả Phật pháp còn là giả như bóng trăng dưới hồ nước.  Nhưng nếu cô biết dùng Phật pháp để đạt được những gì cô muốn, cô không cần Phật pháp nữa.  Phật pháp như là ngón tay của Phật dùng để chỉ mặt trăng, điều cô muốn là mặt trăng không phải là ngón tay của Phật.  Phật pháp cũng như là một con thuyền đưa cô qua sông đến bờ bên kia.  Khi đến được bờ bên kia, cô không cần thuyền nữa.  Bờ bên kia dụ cho bờ Giải thoát ra khỏi vòng luân hồi sanh tử, thuyền dụ cho Phật pháp, con sông dụ cho một đời hay là nhiều đời trong vòng luân hồi sanh tử. 

        Beatrice:  The first time I talked to her and asked her a question on her website, she ignored me.  Later she knew I am kind of special person, she respected me more.  This girl is special.  I am not talking about she is rich but I am talking about she may be a reincarnation of my old female friend Nguyễn Thị Oanh when we were studying in the same classes of 10th grade, 11st grade and 12nd grade in high school.  I liked her and had feelings for her even though I knew nothing about sex.  Oanh is as tall as Beatrice or maybe taller.  She has long hair, her forehead is high and bald but she likes to show her bald head by doesn't cover her forehead with her hair.  She rarely talked, liked to be quiet, didn't socialize much especially with men or male classmates, after class she just walked her bicycles of out school gate and went home.  She has only one female friend, this girl looked fat and shorter than Oanh 2 - 3 inches.  Her lips are likely to be opened, her eyes are big and she has puffy eyes.  Her breasts are small, her body looks slim, she tied all of her hair by a rubber band and put it on her back.  Sometimes she looked quiet, sometimes she smiled happily showing her big teeth.  Her learning in class was alright, not bright.  She is a hard working person at home and her Parent's house was a shop used to buy old glass and plastic bottles, toys and household containers then picked out the new ones and sell them for profits.  That wasn't a clean job but she enjoys doing it and makes much money.  She likes to donate money to the kids and poor persons.  I don't know if she is a fashionable girl but in class, she just wears white shirt and black pants.  She talked softly and was very humble.  Her dad worked for American like my dad in Vietnam before 1975.  The last time I saw her was at high school graduation in 1987.  Several years later, I lived in the area near she lives for about two years but I didn't see her.  Assuming she died that year and was born in the same year,
nowadays she will be twenty-six years old. 

        I wasn't doubt that Beatrice is Oanh's reincarnation when I first know her.  Later I am doubt that Beatrice are reincarnation of Oanh when I see them look the same and has same characters.  Oanh are tall and Beatrice too, at least for me.  She likes to tie her hair and put it in the back and Beatrice sometimes too.  Oanh's forehead is high and bald and Beatrice too!  Bald woman is pretty rare.  Oanh's close female friend is fat and Beatrice's close female friend too!  Oanh likes to walk her bicycles and Beatrice likes to seat in her car!!  Oanh likes to smile and Beatrice too.  Oanh likes to work on her job which pay attentions to details and Beatrice likes to work as an accountant or something like that which pay attentions to details!!  Oanh didn't talk to male classmates and Beatrice has only one male friend.  Beatrice likes to walk when showing her fashion and her eyes look near like thinking something in the past.  When I talked more than friendly with Chinese girls Zhao and Viann, she looked very sad!!  Her close friend and friends look very cheerfully like I am her bf.  I was waiting for Beatrice to tell her age and a few days ago she let Brogme girls know that she is twenty-four years old!!!  Are you a reincarnation of Oanh Beatrice?  Sometimes Oanh and you are different but I don't expect Oanh's life and your life are exactly the same.  Do you remember anything in the past Beatrice?  Do you remember anything about me in the past?  Try to remember and let me know by pictures, otherwise just ignore what I said. 
        Beatrice:  Lần đầu tiên thầy nói chuyện với cô và hỏi một câu hỏi, cô đã không để ý.  Sau đó cô mới biết thầy là một người đặc biệt và tôn trọng thầy hơn.  Cô gái này thì đặc biệt.  Tôi không nói về chuyện cô ta thì giàu có nhưng tôi nói về chuyện cô có thể là một trường hợp tái sanh của người bạn cũ của tôi Nguyễn Thị Oanh khi chúng tôi đã học cùng lớp 10, 11 và 12 ở cấp trung học phổ thông.  Lúc đó tôi thích cô ấy mặc dù tôi chưa biết gì cả về tình dục.  Oanh có thể cao bằng hay cao hơn Beatrice.  Cô ấy tóc dài, trán cao và sói nhưng cô ấy thích khoe trán sói của cô bằng cách không che tóc.  Cô ấy ít nói, thích yên tĩnh, không giao thiệp xã hội nhiều đặc biệt là với những người đàn ông hay những người nam cùng lớp.  Sau giờ học cô dắt xe đạp ra khỏi cổng trường và đi về nhà.  Cô chỉ có một người bạn gái, người này nhìn mập và thấp hơn Oanh khoảng 5 - 7 cm.  Môi cô thường hé mở, mắt cô to hơn bình thường và cô có những mí mắt dưới to.  Ngực cô nhỏ, thân người mảnh khảnh, cô cột tất cả tóc bằng một sợi dây thung và đặt phía sau lưng cô.  Có những lúc cô nhìn thầm lặng, có những khi cô cười hạnh phúc để lộ những cái răng to.  Học lực của cô trung bình, không nổi bật.  Cô là người làm việc chăm chỉ ở nhà và nhà Cha Mẹ cô là vựa thu mua ve chai.  Việc đó không sạch sẽ nhưng cô thích làm và kiếm được nhiều tiền.  Cô thích làm từ thiện đến trẻ em và những người nghèo.  Thầy không biết cô là người thích ăn bận thời trang hay không nhưng cô chỉ bận áo sơ mi trắng và quần dài đen khi đến lớp.  Cô ấy nói chuyện nhỏ nhẹ và rất khiêm tốn.  Cha cô làm việc cho chính quyền Mỹ ở Việt nam trước năm 1975.  Lần cuối thầy gặp cô ấy vào lễ tốt nghiệp Phổ thông trung học năm 1987.  Vài năm sau đó, thầy đã sống gần nơi cô ta sinh sống vào khoảng hai năm nhưng không gặp cô.  Giả sử cô qua đời vào năm đó và tái sanh cùng năm, bây giờ cô vào khoảng hai mươi sáu tuổi.

        Thầy không nghi ngờ Beatrice là sự tái sanh của Oanh lúc đầy thầy gặp cô.  Sau đó thầy nghi ngờ Beatrice là sự tái sanh của Oanh khi họ nhìn như nhau và có những tích cách như nhau.  Oanh cao và Beatrice cũng vậy, ít nhất đối với thầy.  Cô thích cột tóc và đặt về phía sau và Beatrice có lúc cũng vậy.  Trán Oanh thì cao và sói và Beatrice cũng vậy!  Người nữ trán sói thì khá hiếm.  Bạn thân nữ của Oanh thì mập và bạn thân của Beatrice cũng vậy!  Oanh thích dắt xe đạp của cô và Beatrice thì thích ngồi trong xe hơi của cô!!  Oanh thích mỉm cười và Beatrice cũng vậy!  Oanh thích làm việc chăm chỉ, tỉ mỉ và Beatrice cũng thích làm việc tỉ mỉ trên giấy tờ!!  Oanh không nói chuyện với những người nam cùng lớp và Beatrice chỉ có một người bạn trai mới quen.  Beatrice thích đi bộ để phô diễn thời trang và mắt cô nhìn gần như đang suy nghĩ về điều gì trong quá khứ.  Khi thầy đã nói chuyện thân mật với những cô người Trung quốc là Zhao và Viann, vẻ mặt cô  trông rất buồn!!  Bạn thân và bạn của cô ấy nhìn rất vui vẻ như thầy là người bạn đặc biệt của cô.  Thầy đã chờ Beatrice cho biết tuổi của cô và cách đây vài ngày cô ấy nói cho những cô ở trang Brogme biết là cô hai mươi bốn tuổi!!!  Có phải cô là sự tái sanh của Oanh không vậy Beatrice?  Có khi Oanh và cô khác nhau nhưng tôi không hy vọng đời sống của Oanh và đời sống của cô hoàn toàn tương tự.  Cô có nhớ về điều gì trong quá khứ không Beatrice?  Cô có nhớ điều gì về tôi không trong quá khứ?  Hãy cố gắng nhớ và cho tôi biết bằng hình ảnh, còn không thì đừng để ý những gì tôi nói. 

        Bell or Elizabeth:  Let me call you Bell because we are not close friend.  First time i talked to Bell, I asked her a question without any answers or paying attention.  But I was wrong!  A few days later she post about twenty pictures for me to see in a Vietnamese social website showing her answer!!!  She paid attentions to me but I didn't know!!  I like the picture of hers showing she likes peace on her website. 
        Bell hay là Elizabeth:  Cho phép tôi được gọi cô là Bell vì chúng ta không phải là bạn thân.  Lần đầu tôi nói chuyện với Bell, tôi hỏi cô một câu hỏi nhưng không thấy trả lời hay để ý.  Nhưng tôi đã lầm!  Ít ngày sau đó cô đã đăng vào khoảng hai mươi hình cho tôi xem ở một mạng xã hội người Việt để trả lời tôi!!!  Cô đã để ý nhưng tôi không biết!!  Thầy thích hình của cô cho thấy là cô yêu chuộng hòa bình trên trang web của cô. 

        Daphne:  She was in a dilemma of failing the tests and she maybe have to stay oversea one more year for learning!  I met her and told her to search Google for a program that worked perfectly for me in college "Where there is a will, there will be an A."  The pdf file is free or you can buy the video version at Amazon.   Daphne passed the final test easily and could go home for seeing her family and relaxation.  Enjoy your time Daphne.  See, I told you the program works.  My Dharma teachings on this website work too because they have worked for me perfectly.  Loving more in Buddhism way or compassionating more is the way of Bodhisattva Daphne, read the Lotus Sutra at to understand then erase your mistaken thought. 
        Daphne:  Cô Daphne đã trong đường cùng của sự thi rớt những bài thi và cô có thể ở lại hải ngoại một năm nữa để học tiếp!  Hành nhơn (người tu hành) đã gặp cô và bảo cô tìm trên Google một chương trình tên là "Nơi nào có sự mong muốn, nơi đó có một điểm A." đã rất có lợi cho hành nhơn khi còn học ở trường Cao đẳng.  Hồ sơ pdf của chương trình đó thì miễn phí hay là các cô có thể mua bản phim của chương trình đó ở Amazon.  Daphne đã thi đậu cuộc thi tuyển cuối cùng một cách dễ dàng và đã có thể về thăm gia đình ở nơi xa và nghỉ ngơi.  Nghỉ ngơi vui vẻ Daphne.  Cô thấy chưa, chương trình đó rất hữu hiệu cho việc học tập.  Sự giảng dạy Phật pháp của hành nhơn trên trang này cũng hữu hiệu vì đã có những hữu hiệu cho hành nhơn một cách tuyệt vời.  Hãy có lòng từ bi nhiều hơn là đường lối tu hành của Bồ-Tát đó Daphne, hãy đọc Kinh Pháp Hoa ở trang để hiểu và xóa đi suy nghĩ sai lầm của cô. 


        Dawn:  Dawn is a rich and cool girl.  Of all the Malaysian girls that I know, I think she is the coolest ~.  I don't think Dawn is a reincarnation of my friend
Phạm Công Diễm Châu because she doesn't have special characters like Châu better than Venice.  She works as a model or a fashion company but she doesn't like fashion or change many new clothes much like Châu.  Venice neither but more about of that later when i talk about Venice.  I talked to her two or three times in her blog.  Don't worry about offering me money Dawn.  My Dharma teachings are free for you and everyone.  When you or anyone want to offering me money, you can tell me in the Cbox on the homepage and I will let you know my brother's Paypal address. You give money to him and he gives money to me.

        Dawn:  Dawn là một cô gái hiền và giàu có.  Trong tất cả các cô gái Mã lai á mà hành nhơn biết, cô ấy là người hiền nhất~.  Hành nhơn không nghĩ Dawn là sự tái sanh của bạn cũ của hành nhơn là Phạm Công Diễm Châu bởi vì cô không có những tính cách đặc biệt như là cô Venice.  Cô làm việc như là một người mẫu hay là làm việc cho một công ty thời trang nhưng cô không thích thời trang và thay đổi nhiều quần áo mới như là Châu.  Venice cũng vậy nhưng hành nhơn sẽ nói về điều đó sau khi hành nhơn nói về cô Venice.  Hành nhơn đã nói chuyện với cô hai hay là ba lần ở trang blog của cô.  Đừng lo lắng về việc cúng dường tiền cho hành nhơn Dawn.  Sự dạy Phật pháp của hành nhơn thì miễn phí cho cô và tất cả mọi người.  Khi cô và bất cứ người nào muốn cúng dường tiền cho tôi, cô có thể cho tôi biết ở hộp Cbox ở trang chủ của trang này và tôi sẽ cho cô và người đó biết địa chỉ Paypal của em trai tôi.  Cô gởi tiền cho em tôi và em trai sẽ đưa tiền cho tôi.

        Duo Gigs:  The two girls look like two sisters.  I never talk to them but I know they are intelligent and understand much about my Dharma teachings.  I wish both of you have more wisdom. 
        Duo Gigs:  Hai cô nhìn như là hai chị em.  Hành nhơn không bao giờ nói chuyện với hai cô nhưng hành nhơn biết họ thì thông minh và hiểu nhiều về sự nói Pháp của hành nhơn.  Hành nhơn chúc hai cô có thêm Trí Huệ. 

        Ellie:  She goes to school to study as an Architect and that requires very much of her time.  When you have a balanced life, that will be better for you.  Read my Dharma teachings and
also improve your spiritual life. 
        Ellie:  Cô đi học để làm Kiến trúc sư và sự học đó cần nhiều thời gian của cô.  Khi cô có một đời sống thăng bằng, điều đó sẽ tốt hơn cho cô.  Hãy đọc sự nói Pháp của hành nhơn và cũng thăng tiến đời sống tâm linh của cô. 

        Bridge:  She likes to go to club to dance and have fun.  The dude next to her is her boyfriend.  Do you still keep your ambitions Bridge?  Spend sometimes to go on YouTube and also listen to buddhist music. 
        Bridge:  Cô thích đi tới câu lạc bộ khiêu vũ để khiêu vũ và vui đùa.  Người nam kế bên cô là bạn trai của cô.  Cô vẫn còn nuôi hoài bão Phật pháp chứ Bridge?  Thỉnh thoảng cô hãy lên YouTube và cũng lắng nghe âm nhạc Phật giáo. 

        Chency:  I don't know much about this girl.  She should also study about Buddhism, especially Pure Land Buddhism first because Buddhism, especially Pure Land Buddhism is for the youths too not just for the adults. 
        Chency:  Hành nhơn không biết nhiều về cô này.  Cô cũng nên nghiên cứu về Phật pháp, đặc biệt là pháp môn niệm Phật trước tiên bởi vì
Phật pháp, đặc biệt là pháp môn niệm Phật thì cũng dành cho những người trẻ tuổi không chỉ dành riêng cho người lớn. 

        Evon:  I met her at Lenglui blog.  She made a blog and introduced her blog to me.  Look at her two different pictures, then and now:  Then, she liked to talk much about her self or ego.  Now, she talks much less about her self or ego.  Then, she doesn't know nothing about Dharma and feel less confident.  Now, she know much about Dharma and feel much more confident because she knows Dharma is the best solution for many problems of her life, way to go Evon. 
       Evon:  Hành nhơn gặp cô ở trang blog Lenglui.  Cô đã làm một trang blog và giới thiệu trang đó đến hành nhơn.  Hãy nhìn hai hình khác nhau của cô, khi xưa và bây giờ:  Khi xưa, cô thích nói nhiều về tự ngã của cô.  Bây giờ, cô nói ít hơn nhiều về tự ngã.  Khi xưa, cô không biết gì cả về Phật pháp và thiếu tự tin.  Bây giờ, cô biết nhiều về Phật pháp và cảm thấy tự tin hơn nhiều bởi vì cô biết Phật pháp là biện pháp tốt nhất cho nhiều vấn đề trong đời sống của cô, hãy theo đó mà đi Evon. 

        Felixia:  Felixia is a young girl, young but very intelligent and talented.  To please her true self or her Buddha mind, she can recite Amitabha Buddha's name to become the best or to become a BUDDHA.  No one can help her to become a BUDDHA but by herself only. 
        Felixia:  Felixia là một cô gái trẻ, trẻ nhưng mà rất thông minh và tài giỏi.  Để làm vui lòng bản tánh chân thật của cô hay là tâm Phật của cô, cô có thể niệm Phật để trở nên hoàn hảo nhất hay là trở thành PHẬT.  Không ai có thể giúp cô thành PHẬT nhưng chỉ có cô mới có thể giúp cô. 

        Food couple:  The couple has a blog talking about food only.  There is one guy looks like me.  He is maybe the same age like me.  I hope he will study more of what I teach in this website.  The project of cultivating Buddhism by talking to girls is originally made by me.  The project is heard by many girls over the internet.  No Buddhist monks or Sages do this project.  Later, there is an old Buddhist monk do Buddhist tasks with girls only but they are local girls.  Girls are everywhere.  They are young, active, happy, open-minded, wish to learn, easily having Dharma affections for a Dharma teacher, have no burdens or much responsibilities for worldly affairs, very much available on the internet, have much more freedom to devote and dedicate to their wisest opportunity, etc.  Dharma is SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA'S Teachings not only for Buddhist monks, nuns, buddhists and Vietnamese but also for everyone.  His Dharma is also for every sentient beings who has opportunity to practice and cultivate.  When I teach Dharma to girls, I teach Dharma to  guys and everyone too.  Guys and everyone used to be girls from their previous lives.  Hi, food couple and other persons in the pictures, there are a few more of my Dharma subjects that I will try to finish for you to read together with Vietnamese translations for the Vietnamese. 
        Cặp vợ chồng có trang blog về thức ăn:  Cặp vợ chồng có một trang blog chỉ nói riêng về thức ăn.  Có một người nam giống như hành nhơn.  Anh ấy có thể cùng tuổi hành nhơn.  Hành nhơn hy vọng anh ấy sẽ nghiên cứu nhiều hơn về những gì hành nhơn dạy ở trang này.  Dự án của sự tu hành Phật giáo bằng cách nói chuyện với những cô gái thì trước tiên được thành lập bởi hành nhơn.  Dự án này được nghe nhiều bởi nhiều cô trên mạng lưới internet.  Không có Tăng sĩ hay Thánh giả nào theo dự án này.  Sau đó, có một Tăng sĩ già chỉ làm Phật sự với những cô gái địa phương.  Những cô gái trẻ thì ở khắp mọi nơi.  Họ trẻ tuổi, năng động, vui vẻ, có tâm hồn rộng mở, mong muốn học hỏi, dễ dàng có những ảnh hưởng Phật giáo cho Thầy dạy Pháp, không có những gánh nặng hay là nhiều bổn phận cho những việc thế gian, có mặt nhiều trên mạng lưới internet, có nhiều tự do để cống hiến và phục vụ cho cơ hội có Trí huệ nhất của họ, vv...  Phật pháp là những lời dạy của PHẬT THÍCH-CA MÂU-NI không chỉ dành riêng cho những Tăng, Ni, Phật tử và người Việt nhưng cũng dành cho tất cả mọi người.  Những lời dạy của Đức Phật cũng dành cho mọi chúng sanh hữu tình nào có cơ hội để thực hành và tu hành.  Khi hành nhơn dạy Phật pháp đến những cô gái, những lời dạy cũng dành cho những người nam và cho tất cả mọi người.  Những người nam và mọi người từng là những cô gái trong những kiếp trước.  Chào cặp vợ chồng thức ăn và những người khác trong hình, có một ít những chủ đề nói Pháp mà hành nhơn sẽ cố gắng hoàn tất cho các bạn đọc cùng với những sự chuyển ngữ tiếng Việt dành cho người Việt. 

        Gấu Mập or Fat bear:  She is slimmer than before but her wisdom is much better.  Thanks for joining your palms to show respect to a buddhist Sage and for encouraging me to do buddhist tasks.  For respecting a buddhist Sage, you will have much more blessings and will be praised by BUDDHAS and Bodhisattvas.  For encouraging me to do buddhist tasks and supporting Dharma, you plant good roots to be born in better realms assuming you do not reborn in Pure Land yet. 
        Gấu Mập:  Cô ấy thì mảnh khảnh so với trước kia nhưng Trí-huệ của cô thì tốt hơn nhiều.  Cám ơn cô đã chắp tay để bày tỏ sự cung kính đến một bậc Thánh Phật giáo và khuyến khích hành nhơn làm những Phật sự.  Vì sự cung kính đối với một bậc Thánh Phật giáo, cô sẽ có rất nhiều phước đức và sẽ được ngợi khen bởi CHƯ PHẬT và chư Bồ-Tát.  Vì sự khuyến khích hành nhơn để làm những Phật sự và hỗ trợ Phật pháp, cô đã gieo trồng những căn lành để được sanh về những cảnh giới tốt hơn giả sử cô chưa sanh về miền Tây Phương Cực-Lạc. 

        Hanie:  She has special spiritual ability like Josheen.  Hi Hanie, that is because of special spiritual deed you did in the past.  If both of you guys practice and cultivate Buddhism, your special spiritual abilities will be much better and your spiritual life improvements will be much better too.  Like Daphne and Neon Blush, you should recommend my buddhist website to your family members and your friends for them to realize and cultivate the truth.  By recommending my website, you change people's lives especially their spiritual lives and yours too:  You just have alot of merits the easy way!  For not losing all of your blessings, merits (merits and virtues) and attainments of Pure Land practices, you should make a Bodhi mind in front of a Buddha's statue, a Buddha's statuette or an imaginable Buddha that you will transfer all of your blessings, merits and attainments of Pure Land practices toward your attainment of BUDDHAHOOD or becoming a BUDDHA.  If you don't make a Bodhi mind, all of your
blessings, merits (merits and virtues) and attainments of Pure Land practices will be lost!!!!  Why not making the same Bodhi mind together with a vow to reborn in Pure Land to become a BUDDHA when you practice Pure Land?  You will save tremendous time of cultivating as a Buddhist monk or nun in countless lives to become a BUDDHA. 
        Hanie:  Cô có một khả năng tâm linh đặc biệt như là Josheen.  Chào Hanie, đó là do một việc làm tâm linh đặc biệt mà cô đã làm trong quá khứ.  Nếu cả hai cô thực hành và tu hành Phật giáo, những khả năng tâm linh đặc biệt của các cô sẽ tốt hơn nhiều và những sự phát triển của đời sống tâm linh của các cô cũng sẽ tốt hơn nhiều.  Như Daphne and Neon Blush, các cô nên tiến cử trang Phật giáo của hành nhơn đến gia đình và bạn bè để họ thừa nhận và tu hành theo Chân lý.  Vì sự tiến cử trang Phật giáo của hành nhơn, các cô thay đổi đời sống của người khác đặc biệt là đời sống tâm linh của họ và cả những đời sống thường và tâm linh của các cô:  Các cô vừa có rất nhiều Công đức một cách dễ dàng!  Để khỏi phải bị mất những phước đức, Công đức (Công đức và Đức hạnh) và những sự thực hành pháp môn Niệm Phật, các cô nên phát Bồ-Đề Tâm trước một tượng Phật lớn, một tượng Phật nhỏ hay một Đức Phật tưởng tượng rằng các cô sẽ chuyển đổi tất cả những phước đức,
Công đức (Công đức và Đức hạnh) và những sự thực hành pháp môn Niệm Phật đến quả vị PHẬT ĐÀ hay là trở thành PHẬT.  Nếu các cô không phát Bồ-Đề Tâm, tất cả những phước đức, Công đức (Công đức và Đức hạnh) và những sự thực hành pháp môn Niệm Phật của các cô sẽ bị mất hết!!!!  Tại sao lại không phát Bồ-Đề Tâm cùng với sự Phát nguyện để được Vãng sanh thành PHẬT khi các cô thực hành pháp môn Niệm Phật?  Các cô vừa tiết kiệm vô số thời gian của sự tu hành như chư Tôn đức Tăng Ni trong vô số kiếp sống để trở thành PHẬT. 

    Hông iu ai or Loving no one:  She is a very wise girl, her face looks bright and pure.  She is an action-oriented person for buddhist cultivation, has profound thoughts for what I teach, strictly adhere to the warning concepts that I tell her and other girls not to do.  Way to go Loving no one.
        Hông iu ai:  Cô rất có Trí huệ, vẻ mặt cô nhìn tươi sáng và thanh tịnh.  Cô là một người có khuynh hướng chịu tu hành, có những suy nghĩ sâu sa về những gì hành nhơn dạy, cố gắng ứng dụng những gì hành nhơn khuyên phải cảnh giác.  Cứ thế mà làm Hông iu ai.  

        Jamie:  Her Parents sent her to Korea to learn Korean language.  Her Korean is much improved.  Hi Jamie, remember to go everywhere with a friend to save you from misfortunes.  Remember to save time to study alot about Pure Land Buddhism.  Pure Land Buddhism is the best teaching of SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA for every sentient being.  You have only a few happiness with Korean language but you will have alot of happiness and true happiness with Buddhism.  Korean language doesn't save you from misfortunes, Buddhism does. 
        Jamie:  Cha Mẹ cô gởi cô đến Hàn quốc để học tiếng Hàn.  Khả năng tiếng Hàn của cô có nhiều tiến bộ.  Chào Jamie, hãy nhớ đi khắp nơi với một người bạn để phòng ngừa những sự rủi ro.  Hãy nhớ dành thời gian để nghiên cứu nhiều về pháp môn Niệm Phật.  Pháp môn Niệm Phật là sự thuyết giảng tốt nhất của PHẬT THÍCH-CA cho tất cả các chúng sanh hữu tình.  Cô chỉ có một ít hạnh phúc với tiếng Hàn nhưng cô sẽ có nhiều hạnh phúc và hạnh phúc thật sự với Phật giáo.  Tiếng Hàn không cứu được cô từ những sự rủi ro mà chỉ có Phật giáo mới có thể. 

        Married Jamie:  I heard that you have an illness.  You should visit a Vietnamese herb Master's website and ask for his treatment.  His website is on the homepage of my buddhist website  I prayed and chanted for you from bad lucks and sickness.  You should recite AMITABHA BUDDHA'S NAME, MEDICINE BUDDHA'S NAME and AVOLOKITESHVARA BODHISATTVA'S NAME often to get rid of your illness.  The ways to recite are:   'Namo Amitabha' or 'Namo Amitabha Buddha', 'Namo Medicine Buddha' and 'Namo Avolokiteshvara Bodhisattva' or 'Namo Quan Yin Bodhisattva'.  I do this alone to save many people's life from serious illness.   
        Jamie đã có gia đình:  Hành nhơn nghe cô bị bệnh.  Cô nên viếng thăm trang web của một vị Thầy thuốc nam người Việt và hỏi ông ta cách chữa trị.  Trang của ông ta thì ở trên trang chủ của trang Phật giáo của hành nhơn  Hành nhơn đã cầu xin và đã tụng Kinh cho cô khỏi những rủi ro và sự bệnh.  Cô nên niệm NHỮNG HỒNG DANH CỦA ĐỨC PHẬT A-DI-ĐÀ, ĐỨC PHẬT DƯỢC SƯ và ĐỨC QUÁN-THẾ-ÂM BỒ-TÁT để chấm dứt sự bệnh của cô.  Những cách để xưng niệm là:  'Nam-mô A-Di-Đà Phật', 'Nam-mô Dược-Sư Phật' và 'Nam-mô Quán-Thế-Âm Bồ-Tát'.  Tôi chỉ xưng niệm hồng danh thôi mà có thể cứu sống nhiều người từ những cơn bệnh nghiêm trọng.   

        Single Jane:  She is kind, wise, active, friendly, thoughtful but sometimes having unnecessary worldly thoughts, action-oriented but because of lacking reading sutras and Dharma so sometimes it leads her to the wrong paths that harm, hurt her for doing those things, for example:  Blogging about food that make people greed and hungry ghosts to get mad at her, blogging meaty foods that cause revenges from unlucky animals, going much to noisy music shows that have no benefits for spiritual life and lose alot of blessings, etc.  Affectionate for what I am cultivating but not enough for her to be truly devote and dedicate her time, efforts, etc. for true happiness;  easily to accept the truths, supporting Dharma, etc.  When you have time, watch as much of Pure Land videos as you can Jane at the Buddhist website Watch and practice Pure Land Jane for your own benefits. When you have more times, you should read the BuddhaDharma 'Selected Extracts' at and The Illustrated Dharmapada Sutra at  to have more precious wisdom.  Don't blog about foods and meaty foods, that's why you see more bad lucks sometimes as compared to your sister.  Don't go out to have fun too much like other teens.  Those have no benefits for your spiritual life and waste alot of your precious time.  You are very wise for not saying more bad words like I tell you ~.  I do not blame you at all for your worldly mistakes.  When I was your age, I were very dumb.  When I didn't know about Dharma, I made alot of worldly mistakes.
        Jane còn độc thân:  Cô thì tử tế, thông minh, năng động, thân thiện, biết suy nghĩ nhưng đôi khi có những suy nghĩ thế gian không cần thiết, có khuynh hướng muốn tu-hành nhưng bởi vì thiếu đọc Kinh điển và Phật pháp vì thế đôi khi cô làm sai những việc mà có hại, gây thương tích cho cô vì những việc đó, thí dụ:  Đăng trên blog về thức ăn làm người khác tham ăn và những ngạ quỷ nổi nóng với cô vì họ không ăn được, đăng trên blog những thức ăn có thịt dẫn đến những sự trả thù từ những con vật xấu số, hay tham dự những buổi ca nhạc ầm ỉ không có lợi ích gì cho đời sống tâm linh và mất nhiều phước báu, v.v...  Có ảnh hưởng đến những gì hành nhơn tu-hành nhưng không đủ cho cô thực sự cống hiến thời gian, sức lực, v.v...  cho hạnh phúc thật sự;  dễ dàng chấp nhận Chân lý, hỗ trợ Chánh Pháp, v.v...  Khi cô có thời gian, hãy xem càng nhiều phim về pháp môn Niệm Phật càng tốt ở trang  Hãy xem và thực hành niệm Phật cho những lợi ích riêng của cô.  Khi cô có nhiều thời gian hơn, cô nên đọc Pháp của Phật với những đoạn trích từ những Kinh điển trang và Kinh Pháp cú có hình minh họa ở trang để có thêm Trí huệ quý báu.  Đừng đăng trên blog về thức ăn và thức ăn có thịt, đó là lý do tại sao thỉnh thoảng cô gặp nhiều rủi ro hơn so với chị của cô.  Đừng rời nhà ra ngoài để vui đùa quá nhiều so với những đứa trẻ khác.  Những điều đó không có lợi gì cả cho đời sống tâm linh của cô và mất đi nhiều thời gian quý báu.  Cô rất thông minh khi không còn dùng những từ ngữ xấu khi nói chuyện như hành nhơn đã khuyên cô~.  Hành nhơn không chê trách cô gì cả về những sai lầm thế gian của cô.  Khi hành nhơn bằng tuổi cô, hành nhơn rất khờ dại.  Khi hành nhơn không biết gì về Phật pháp, hành nhơn tạo nhiều lỗi lầm của thế gian
        Engaged Jane:  You are very wise for listening to me and take veggie foods.  Do you still keep taking veggie foods?  When I started to take veggie foods all the time, my life changed especially my spiritual life.  From that moment on, my cultivation of Buddhism is progressing forward only and I never look back since.  You should often recite AMITABHA BUDDHA'S NAME whether you practice Pure Land or not practice Pure Land, whether you like to recite His name or not.  You can find the benefits of reciting AMITABHA BUDDHA'S NAME on the front page of the website
        Jane đã hứa hôn:  Cô đã rất thông minh biết nghe lời hành nhơn và dùng những thức ăn chay.  Cô vẫn còn dùng thức ăn chay chứ?  Khi tôi đã bắt đầu dùng trường trai, cuộc sống của tôi đã thay đổi đặc biệt là đời sống tâm linh của tôi.  Bắt đầu từ lúc đó, sự tu-hành của tôi chỉ tiến bộ không ngừng và tôi không nhìn về quá khứ nữa.  Cô nên thường niệm HỒNG DANH CỦA ĐỨC PHẬT A-DI-ĐÀ cho dù cô có thực hành pháp môn Niệm Phật hay là không, cho dù cô thích xưng niệm hồng danh của Phật A-Di-Đà hay là khôngCô có thể tìm thấy những lợi ích của sự xưng niệm
HỒNG DANH CỦA ĐỨC PHẬT A-DI-ĐÀ trên trang chủ của trang

  She is sincere, wise, caring and has ambition to be her best.  She has good personality and any hairstyle is look good on her.  Hi Josheen, I chanted and transferred the merits of chanting to the two ghosts that you talked about and they reborn in Pure Land.  Without my chanting, any two persons of your crew will be the next.  Basically, you had accident because you lack of blessings.  You can read my website for how to have much more blessings.  You're right, I'm not a worldly man, I'm an Enlightened being and I will never go back to where I used to be.  Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha is where I want to belong to and I see you in Pure Land. 
        Josheen:  Cô thì thành thật, có Trí huệ, biết quan tâm và có hoài bão để trở thành người Tốt nhất mà cô có thể.  Cô có nhân cách tốt và bất cứ kiểu tóc nào cũng đều phù hợp với cô.  Chào Josheen, hành nhơn đã tụng Kinh và hồi hướng Công đức của sự tụng Kinh đến hai hồn ma mà cô đã nói và họ đã sanh về cõi Cực-Lạc.  Không có sự tụng Kinh của hành nhơn, bất cứ hai người nào trong nhóm làm việc của cô sẽ là những người kế tiếp để qua đời.  Căn bản là, cô bị tai nạn bởi vì cô thiếu phước đức.  Cô có thể tìm đọc trên trang này của hành nhơn để có thêm nhiều phước đức.  Cô nói đúng, hành nhơn không phải là một người đàn ông thế tục, hành nhơn là một bậc Giác ngộ và tôi sẽ không bao giờ quay trở lui về quá khứ nữa.  Cõi Cực-Lạc của PHẬT A-DI-ĐÀ là nơi hành nhơn muốn đến và hành nhơn hẹn gặp cô ở cõi Cực-Lạc. 
You are very wise when braiding your hair and put it on your head.  Wait for me to translate my Dharma talks to other girls into Vietnamese.  You need to make a Bodhi mind or even better to make a Bodhi mind together with a Vow to reborn in Pure Land to become a BUDDHA like I tell single Jane or Hanie.  Don't waste alot of your precious and quality time on Tamtay website KhanhKhanhKhanh.  Visit the websites and and watch as much of Pure Land videos as you can.  Watch them, think about them and practice like they said.  I see you in Pure Land assuming you will practice Pure Land. 
        KhanhKhanhKhanh:  Cô rất có Trí huệ khi đan tóc của cô thành bím và đặt tóc đó lên đầu cô.  Hãy đợi hành nhơn chuyển ngữ những sự nói Pháp cho những người nữ sang tiếng Việt.  Cô cần phải phát tâm Bồ-Đề hay tốt hơn nữa là phát tâm Bồ-Đề cùng với phát Nguyện để được sanh về cõi Cực-Lạc để thành PHẬT như hành nhơn hướng dẫn cô Jane còn độc thân hay là cô Hanie.  Đừng lãng phí nhiều thời gian quý báu và chất lượng của cô trên trang Tamtay KhanhKhanhKhanh.  Hãy tìm đến những trang và trang và xem càng nhiều phim về pháp môn Niệm-Phật càng tốt.  Hãy xem, hãy suy nghĩ và hãy thực hành như là những phim đó hướng dẫn.  Hành nhơn hẹn gặp cô ở cõi Cực-Lạc giả sử cô sẽ thực hành pháp môn Niệm-Phật. 

        Kiyuu:  She is humble, patient and has artistic talent.  She put a picture of an old temple on Tamtay website.  There is a vertical banner on the temple gate saying 'Turn your head back 180 degree and walk to the original shore to find your true self.'  Your true self is your Buddha mind, Buddha nature, true self, true nature, real mind or true mind.  Different Buddhist words but have the same meaning.  When I saw that sentence I became Enlightened.  I am enlightened in many ways but this is one of my favorite.  The banner is old but the concept is forever new in the universe.  The sentence means 'Use one method of Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings to purify your Buddha mind and convert your Buddha mind back to where your Buddha mind originally was.'  The two most effective and popular methods are meditation method and reciting Amitabha Buddha's name method.  From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to bed in the evening, your Buddha mind is contaminated by many wandering thoughts without boredom.  Your mind is like a monkey jumping from branch to branch, from tree to tree without boring.  Your mind is also like a horse running around a meadow without tiresomeness.  Hi Kiyuu, you should read what I tell KhanhKhanhKhanh, I see you in Pure Land if you practice Pure Land. 
        Kiyuu:  Cô thì khiêm tốn, kiên nhẫn và có năng khiếu về vẽ.  Cô ấy đã đăng một hình của một ngôi chùa cũ ở trang Tamtay.  Có một hàng chữ dọc trên cổng chùa nói là 'Quay đầu là bờ' có nghĩa là 'Hãy quay đầu 180 độ và đi theo hướng ngược lại đến bờ bến đầu tiên để tìm lại được bổn tánh chân thật của bạn.'  Bổn tánh chân thật của bạn là tâm Phật của bạn, tánh Phật của bạn, bản ngã chân thật của bạn, bản tánh chân thật của bạn, tâm thật của bạn hay tâm chân thật của bạn.  Những từ ngữ Phật giáo khác nhau nhưng có cùng ý nghĩa.  Khi hành nhơn đã thấy câu đó hành nhơn trở thành Giác ngộ.  Hành nhơn đã Giác ngộ bằng nhiều cách nhưng đây là một câu mà hành nhơn tâm đắc.  Hàng chữ thì cũ kỹ nhưng khái niệm thì mới mẻ vĩnh cữu trong vũ trụ.  Câu đó có nghĩa là 'Hãy dùng một phương pháp Giáo hóa của Đức Phật Thích-Ca Mâu-Ni để làm thanh tịnh tâm Phật của bạn và chuyển đổi tâm Phật của bạn trở về nơi ban đầu của tâm Phật đó.'  Hai phương pháp hữu hiệu và thông thường nhất là phương pháp Thiền định và phương pháp Niệm-Phật.  Từ lúc bạn thức dậy vào buổi sáng cho đến lúc bạn đi ngủ vào buổi tối, tâm Phật của bạn bị ô nhiễm bởi nhiều vọng tưởng không có mệt mỏi và buồn chán.  Tâm bạn như một con khỉ chuyền từ cành này sang cành khác, cây này sang cây nọ mà không buồn chán.  Tâm của bạn cũng như một con ngựa chạy vòng quanh bãi cỏ mà không biết mệt.  Chào Kiyuu, cô nên đọc những gì hành nhơn bảo KhanhKhanhKhanh, hành nhơn hẹn gặp cô ở Pure Land nếu cô thực hành pháp môn Niệm-Phật. 
        Lay La:  She looks like my sister so she looks like Reiee.  Do you think they look alike?  Lay La, read what I tell KhanhKhanhKhanh and practice like i said.  I see you in Pure Land if you practice Pure Land. 
        Lay La:  Cô ấy nhìn như là em gái tôi vì thế cô nhìn như cô Reiee.  Các cô nghĩ họ giống nhau không?  Lay la, hãy đọc những gì tôi bảo KhanhKhanhKhanh và thực hành như tôi căn dặn.  Hẹn gặp cô ở cõi Cực-Lạc nếu cô thực hành pháp môn Niệm-Phật. 
        Leng Leng and her twin sister:  Read what I tell Hanie and single Jane and do the same for your true cultivation, twin sisters. 
        Leng Leng và em gái sinh đôi của cô:  Hãy đọc những gì tôi bảo Hanie và Jane còn độc thân và làm tương tự cho sự tu-hành chân chánh của cô, những chị em sinh đôi. 

        Linhrin and Milo:  The second picture of Linhrin shows she is practicing meditation like I told her and she thanked me for my teachings.  She purified her mind so her spiritual life can be better.  Both of the girls are talented and wise.  Read what I told KhanhKhanhKhanh and practice like I said. 
        Linhrin và Milo:  Hình thứ hai của Linhrin cho thấy là cô đang thực hành Thiền định như là tôi đã bảo cô  và cô đã cám ơn hành nhơn cho sự giáo hóa đó.  Cô đã làm trong sạch tâm của cô vì thế đời sống tâm linh của cô được tốt hơn.  Cả hai cô đều có tài và có Trí huệ.  Hãy đọc những gì tôi đã bảo KhanhKhanhKhanh và thực hành như là hành nhơn đã nói. 

        Minh Sang:  She cares, exceptionally wise, active, a true dream wisher and like a good friend even though we never meet each other.  To be her friend would be very joyful.  She told me "I left you not because i don't love you but because you told me so."  You are right Sang.  Love, feeling, emotion and worldly affection are all unreal concepts.  We are not born in this life to love.  We are born in this life to be awake as soon as we can and to cultivate for getting out of Samsara.  Read what I told KhanhKhanhKhanh and practice the same for yourself.  BUDDHAS and Bodhisattvas told me I am as slow as a turtle when I have these talks with you guys and don't do other buddhist tasks.  My mission of doing 'buddhist tasks' on this earth is accomplished so I need to reborn in Pure Land soon like
BUDDHAS and Bodhisattva's wishes.  The following is a picture of a pond next to Wofo temple of Recumbent BUDDHA at Beijing at the Bing page.  Thanks for telling me. 
        Minh Sang:  Cô ấy quan tâm, có Trí huệ siêu việt, năng động, một người mơ ước Thật sự và như là một người bạn tốt mặc dù chúng tôi chưa bao giờ gặp mặt nhau ở ngoài đời.  Được làm bạn với cô sẽ rất vui vẻ.  Cô ấy đã bảo tôi "Em rời khỏi anh không phải vì em hết yêu anh mà là vì anh đã bảo em phải làm như vậy."  Cô nói đúng Sang.  Tình yêu, cảm giác, cảm xúc và sự ảnh hưởng theo cách thế gian đều là những quan niệm không có thật.  Chúng ta không phải sanh ra ở trên đời này để yêu.  Chúng ta sanh ra ở trên đời này để thức tỉnh càng sớm càng tốt và để tu-hành cho sự giải thoát khỏi vòng luân hồi sanh tử.  Hãy đọc những gì hành nhơn đã bảo KhanhKhanhKhanh và thực hành tương tự cho cô.  CHƯ PHẬT và chư Bồ-Tát cũng đã bảo hành nhơn chậm như một con rùa khi có cuộc nói chuyện này với các cô mà không làm những việc Phật sự khác.  Nhiệm vụ của hành nhơn để làm 'những biệc Phật sự' trên thế gian này thì được hoàn chỉnh vì thế tôi cần phải sanh về cõi Cực-Lạc sớm theo như những mong ước của CHƯ PHẬT và chư Bồ-Tát.  Sau đây là một tấm hình của một cái ao kế bên chùa Wofo của ĐỨC PHẬT nằm ở Bình nhưỡng ở trang Bing
.  Cám ơn cô cho sự khuyên nhủ tôi. 

        Missy:  She planted a good root in Buddhism and has much more Wisdom by respecting a Buddhist Sage.  Way to go Missy. 
        Missy:  Cô đã trồng một thiện căn trong Phật giáo và có thêm nhiều Trí Huệ bởi sự tôn trọng một Thánh giả Phật giáo.  Hãy theo đó mà làm Missy. 

        Na Na:  How much have you been wake up?  Tell the girl next to you about my website too.  You look like my sister-in-law but you are much taller.  She goes to a temple every Sunday to chant for herself, her family, other sentient beings and has much more Wisdom. 
        Na Na:  Cô đã thức tỉnh được bao nhiêu rồi?  Hãy nói cho cô gái kế bên cô về trang Phật giáo này luôn.  Cô nhìn tựa như em dâu của hành nhơn nhưng cô thì cao hơn nhiều.  Cô em dâu đi đến chùa mỗi Chủ nhật để tụng Kinh cho chính cô, gia đình cô, những chúng sanh hữu tình khác và có thêm được nhiều Trí Huệ. 

        Neon Blush:  Hi Neon Blush, do you still wear the yellow shirt?  Remember to introduce my website to other girls so they can change their life especially their spiritual life. 
        Neon Blush:  Chào Neon Blush, cô vẫn còn bận áo sơ mi màu vàng chứ?  Hãy nhớ giới thiệu trang Phật giáo của tôi đến những cô khác vì thế họ có thể đổi đời đặc biệt là đời sống tâm linh của họ. 

        Như:  She is a famous Vietnamese singer oversea.  I got acquainted to her online for about ten years and taught her Dharma for about seven years.  Talking Dharma to her is buddhist tasks that doesn't hurt my true self and very beneficial.  Talking love to her is illusional and wasting precious time.  The first times I taught Dharma, no one wanted to listen but her.  Everyone else ran away, smile.  Because of talking Dharma to her, my wisdom is greatly improved and I moved to California to practice as a Buddhist monk for about six months. 
        Như:  Cô là một ca sĩ Việt nam nổi tiếng tại hải ngoại.  Hành nhơn quen với cô trên mạng internet vào khoảng mười năm và đã dạy Phật pháp cho cô vào khoảng bảy năm.  Nói Pháp cho cô là những Phật sự không ảnh hưởng đến tâm Phật của hành nhơn và rất lợi ích.  Nói chuyện tình yêu với cô chỉ là ảo mộng và mất đi thời gian quý báu.  Những lần đầu tôi nói Pháp, không ai muốn nghe tôi cả trừ cô ấy ra.  Những người khác chạy đi xa, mỉm cười.  Bởi vì nói Pháp cho cô ấy nghe, Trí huệ của hành nhơn thăng tiến vượt bậc và hành nhơn di chuyển đến California để thực tập như là một tăng sĩ vào khoảng sáu tháng. 

        Người con gái Việt nam or a Vietnamese girl:  I know her from a Vietnamese social website.  She has high respects for me that why her Wisdom will be very bright.  Assuming she reborns as a human being again next life, she will be very tall.  But I know because of her very bright Wisdom, she will choose Pure Land for her practice.  Way to go a Vietnamese girl. 
        Người con gái Việt nam:  Hành nhơn quen biết cô từ một mạng xã hội người Việt.  Cô ấy đã tôn trọng hành nhơn nhiều vì vậy Trí Huệ của cô sẽ rất tươi sáng.  Giả sử cô được sinh làm người lần nữa kiếp tới, cô sẽ rất cao.  Nhưng hành nhơn biết bởi vì Trí Huệ của cô tươi sáng, cô sẽ tu hành theo pháp môn Niệm-Phật.  Hãy theo đó mà thực hành Người con gái Việt nam.  

        Nicole:  Hi Nicole, you shouldn't say bad words sometimes so you have bad karmas and lose much blessings. For many improvements of your studying, you can search Google for a program and a PDF file called "When there's a will, there's an A." You can download the PDF file for free at or you can buy the video version at Amazon website. 

        Nicole:  Chào Nicole, thỉnh thoảng cô đừng nên dùng những từ xấu mà bị nghiệp xấu và mất nhiều phước đức.  Cho việc học của cô có nhiều tiến bộ, cô nên tìm kiếm trên Google cho một chương trình hay là một hồ sơ PDF tên là "Khi có một mong muốn, sẽ có một điểm A."  Cô có thể hạ tải hồ sơ PDF miễn phí ở hay là cô có thể mua bản phim để xem ở trang Amazon.   
        Qiu Qiu:  She is a laughing queen and very optimistic girl.  Hi Qiu Qiu, wait for my Dharma talk for you.  Thanks for the intention to offering me foods.  Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will praise you for your good intention of offering me your meal.  Your braided hair looks very pretty.  Thanks for liking my Dharma teachings. 
        Qiu Qiu:  Cô là một nữ hoàng tươi cười và rất lạc quan.  Chào Qiu Qiu, hãy đợi tôi nói Pháp riêng cho cô sau.  Cám ơn đã có nhã ý cúng dường tôi thức ăn.  CHƯ PHẬT và chư Bồ-Tát sẽ khen cô đã có nhã ý tốt về việc cúng dường hành nhơn thức ăn.  Tóc bện của cô nhìn rất đẹp.  Cám ơn đã thích sự nói Pháp của hành nhơn. 

        Reiee:  Reiee looks like my sister.  She cares, kind-hearted, supporting, exceptionally wise, respectful for me, my Dharma teachings and Buddha's Dharma or Buddhadharma and good personality.  Hi Reiee, when you begin to learn Dharma and understand Dharma very much showing that you are exceptionally wise.  Way to go Reiee.  There are a few things that i tell you so you can improve further: 

        Even though I know pretty well about the law of karma or the law of causality or the law of cause and effect, there are two laws that I don't see in the sutra and I learned from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas: 

        A.  When a person want to become someone very much, there is a good chance that person will become someone he or she want to be next life.  Except for becoming a higher sentient being in rank or reborning in better realm like heavenly being or Enlightened beings outside Samsara like Enlightened Arhat, partly-Enlightened Pacceka Buddha, Enlightened Bodhisattva and like fully-Enlightened BUDDHA (
Fully-Enlightened BUDDHA is no more called a sentient being.)  You have to devote, dedicate and cultivate to become these sentient beings or BUDDHA.  When a girl want to become a sister of a person, there will be a good chance she will reincarnate again in Samsara to become his sister next life.  When a girl want to become a Mom of a person, there will be a good chance she will reincarnate again in Samsara to become his Mom next life.  When a girl want to become a wife of a person, there will be a good chance she will reincarnate again in Samsara to become his wife next life.  Depending on their karmas in this life, next life they become sister and brother, Mom and son, husband and wife in hungry ghost realm or animal realm.  Hungry ghost and animal have family too.  Any woman know me shouldn't wish to be my sister, Mom or wife, there is a good chance you will reborn again in Samsara and that is suffering.  Even though we used to be in those relationships from previous lives but life changes, those relationships are unappropriated.  You guys can think you guys are my sister, Mom or wife five minutes a day only and no more. 

        B.  When a person imitate a habit of a kind of animals, there is a good chance that person will reborn as that kind of animal next life with exception of imitating another person or a human.  To reborn as a human again, you must be a Buddhist and keep five precepts of a Buddhist well in your lifetime.  For example a person likes to shout and roar will likely reborn as a lion; a person with small mind, a petty man will likely reborn as a very small-sized animal, etc. 
= We shouldn't do what a spider does or imitate its character. 

        And by practicing Pure Land, we can both become Enlightened Bodhisattvas serving AMITABHA BUDDHA. 

        In that Land of Ultimate Bliss, we will both live happily ever after. 
        Reiee:  Reiee nhìn như em gái tôi.  Cô quan tâm, nhân hậu, giúp đỡ, có Trí huệ siêu việt, tôn trọng hành nhơn, sự giáo hóa của hành nhơn, Pháp của Phật và có nhân cách tốt.  Chào Reiee, khi cô bắt đầu học Phật pháp và biết Phật pháp rất nhiều cho thấy rằng cô có nhiều Trí huệ.  Hãy theo lối đó mà đi Reiee.  Có một số điều tôi muốn khuyên cô như thế cô sẽ thăng tiến xa hơn: 
        Mặc dù hành nhơn biết rành về Luật Nhân Quả, có hai luật mà hành nhơn không thấy trong Kinh điển và đã học từ CHƯ PHẬT và chư Bồ-Tát: 
        A.  Khi một người rất muốn trở thành một người nào khác, có một dịp tốt để người đó trở thành người mà anh ta hay cô ta muốn vào kiếp tới.  Ngoại trừ để trở thành một chúng sanh hữu tình với cấp bậc tu chứng cao hơn hay là được sanh về một cảnh giới tốt hơn như là chư thiên hay là những chúng sanh hữu tình Giác ngộ đã ra ngoài vòng luân hồi sanh tử như bậc Thánh A-la-hán đã Giác ngộ, Bích-chi Phật hay Độc-giác Phật đã Giác ngộ chưa đầy đủ, Bồ-Tát đã Giác ngộ và như là ĐỨC PHẬT toàn giác đã Giác ngộ hoàn toàn (
ĐỨC PHẬT toàn giác đã Giác ngộ hoàn toàn không còn gọi là một chúng sanh hữu tình.)  Cô phải cống hiến, phụng sự Phật giáo, Tu-Hành để trở thành những chúng sanh hữu tình này hay là Đức PHẬT.  Khi một cô gái muốn trở thành một chị gái hay em gái của một người, có một dịp tốt cô gái đó sẽ tái sanh trở lại vào trong vòng luân hồi sanh tử để làm chị gái hay em gái của người đó trong kiếp tới.  Khi một cô gái muốn trở thành Mẹ của một người, có một dịp tốt cô gái đó sẽ tái sanh trở lại vào trong vòng luân hồi sanh tử để làm Mẹ của người đó trong kiếp tới.  Khi một cô gái muốn trở thành vợ của một người, có một dịp tốt cô gái đó sẽ tái sanh trở lại vào trong vòng luân hồi sanh tử để làm vợ của người đó trong kiếp tới.  Tùy thuộc vào nghiệp mà họ đã tạo ở kiếp này, kiếp tới họ trở thành em gái hay em trai, chị gái hay anh trai, Mẹ và con, chồng và vợ trong cảnh giới ngạ quỷ hay cảnh giới súc sanh.  Ngạ quỷ và súc sanh cũng có gia đình.  Bất cứ người nữ nào biết hành nhơn thì đừng nên ước muốn để là một người chị gái hay em gái, Mẹ hay vợ của hành nhơn, có một dịp tốt người đó sẽ tái sanh trở lại vào trong vòng luân hồi sanh tử và điều đó thì đau khổ.  Mặc dù chúng ta đã từng có những mối quan hệ đó trong những kiếp trước nhưng đời sống đã thay đổi, những mối quan hệ đó không còn phù hợp.  Các cô có thể nghĩ các cô là chị gái hay em gái, Mẹ hay vợ của hành nhơn chỉ năm phút một ngày và không hơn. 
        B.  Khi một người bắt chước một thói quen của một số loài động vật, có một dịp tốt người đó sẽ tái sanh trở lại để trở thành loài động vật đó trong kiếp tới ngoại trừ bắt chước một người để tái sanh trở lại làm người.  Để tái sanh làm người trở lại, cô cần phải là một Phật tử và giữ năm Giới cấm của một Phật tử cẩn thận trong suốt đời.  Thí dụ như là một người thích la và rống phần nhiều sẽ tái sanh thành một loài sư tử;  một người với tâm nhỏ hẹp, hạng tiểu nhơn, ngụy quân tử phần nhiều sẽ tái sanh thành một loài động vật rất nhỏ bé, v.v... 
        Xin xem hình trên:  Stop being a spider! = Chúng ta không nên làm những gì một con nhện làm hay là bắt chước đặc tính của nó. 
        Xin xem hình trên:  Bởi sự thực hành pháp môn Niệm Phật, cả hai ta có thể trở thành những bậc Bồ-Tát Giác ngộ phục vụ Đức PHẬT A-DI-ĐÀ.  Trong cõi Tịnh-Độ Cực-Lạc đó, cả hai ta sẽ sống hạnh phúc mãi mãi. 

        Stephanie:  Since knowing me, her characters has been changed for the better ~.  Hi Stephanie, you should read my advices for single Jane, Hanie, KhanhKhanhKhanh and other girls to practice and cultivate for a better life especially your spiritual life Stephanie. 
        Stephanie:  Từ khi biết hành nhơn, những tính cách của cô đã thay đổi tốt đẹp hơn~.  Chào Stephanie, cô nên đọc những lời khuyên của hành nhơn cho Jane độc thân, Hanie, KhanhKhanhKhanh và những cô khác để Thực hành và Tu-Hành cho đời được tốt hơn đặc biệt là cho đời sống tâm linh của cô Stephanie. 

        Tey:  She is kind and humble.  A natural-born English girl so she can speak English very well.  Hi Tey, don't say bad words or show disrespect to me because you will lose plenty of blessings.  Doing buddhist tasks is very easy for me.  However, being widely-known is not very joyful.  Like Shakyamuni Buddha preached in The Dharmapada Sutra:  "No one is praised all the time and no one is blamed all the time."  I am no exception.  Time for me to go to Pure Land, I see you there if you practice Pure Land.

        Tey:  Cô tốt bụng và khiêm tốn.  Một cô gái bản xứ người Anh vì thế cô có thể nói tiếng Anh rất giỏi.  Chào Tey, đừng dùng từ xấu và tỏ ra không tôn trọng hành nhơn mà cô sẽ mất nhiều phước báu.  Làm những Phật sự thì rất dễ dàng đối với hành nhơn.  Dù sao đi nữa, được biết đến nhiều thì không vui lắm.  Như PHẬT THÍCH-CA MÂU-NI đã thuyết trong Kinh Pháp Cú:  "Không ai thì luôn được khen và không ai thì luôn bị chê."  Hành nhơn thì không ngoại lệ.  Đã đến lúc tôi cần Vãng sanh, hẹn gặp cô ở cõi Cực-Lạc nếu cô thực hành pháp môn Niệm-Phật. 

        Thủy:  She cultivated Buddhism for about 17 years in Vietnam.  Her family has a temple and she nearly became a Buddhist nun in Vietnam.  She sang songs to me a few years but I didn't pay attentions until one day she lets me know that she is a buddhist in one song.  I get acquainted to her and preached Dharma to her for about three years.  It was very difficult for me to get acquainted to her because she was very picky.  At last, I fell into her blue eyes and we began to talk normally.      
        Thủy:  Cô ấy Tu-Hành Phật pháp vào khoảng 17 năm ở Việt nam.  Gia đình cô có một ngôi chùa và cô gần trở thành một ni sĩ ở Việt nam.  Cô đã hát những bài ca cho tôi nghe nhưng tôi không để ý cho đến một ngày cô cho hành nhơn biết cô là một Phật tử trong một bài hát.  Hành nhơn đã làm quen với cô và nói Pháp cho cô nghe vào khoảng ba năm.  Cuối cùng, hành nhơn lọt vào mắt xanh của cô và chúng tôi đã nói chuyện bình thường. 


        Thy:  She is a very talented girl.  She worked for some very famous companies.  Hi Thy, you beat me much on that.  You have the best on that world, why not try to have the best in your spiritual world too?  This website will show many important Dharma teachings that you need to know.  When she went to Legoland, she won a big unicorn!  Teehee.  She used to be my Mom in one of my previous lives like BUDDHA preached so i don't need to tell you guys more.  Thy, if you don't mind, may I tell you that your model career is not suitable for you?  You should read Dharma talk G:  Why shouldn't female persons put sexy pics on the internet? to know what I mean. 

        When I were still in high school from tenth grade to twelfth grade, I had three female friends that I liked at the same time!!  The three best ones in my class!  They were not really my girl friends because we didn't spend private times together.  I liked them for their talent of studying, beauty, kindness, daughter of rich family, etc.  Their names were Phạm Công Diễm Châu and I think Venice is her reincarnation, Nguyễn Thị Oanh and I think Beatrice is her reincarnation and Trần Thị Ngân and she still lives in Vietnam where her family lives with her.  Her rivals in love is now about half of her age, lol.  Ngân's family was medium class and not rich like Oanh's family and Châu's family.  She was pretty, kind and very good at Literatures.  Her group of female friends' family were rich.  She had big legs and liked to wear a pair of shorts when she rode bicycles.  Her legs were bigger than other girls one half time!!  I don't know what kind of exercise she did.  She rode her bicycles back and forth from home to school like that for about three years.  I saw many guys looked at her legs with lust!  About two or three years after finishing high school, she had an accident and broke her thigh!!!  She had to stay in hospital for a long time.  I felt very sorry for her and didn't know why.  When my wisdom was mature, I knew she broke her thigh because of revenge from a male person or more than one male person who made many bad karmas and died because of thinking about 'a leg to die for'.  I know a few other very sad stories of sexy girls too besides of my unlucky female friend Ngân.  What I can tell you is thinking over about my friend's story and other sexy girls' stories and then think if your model career is suitable for you or not.  When a son who now an Enlightened being advice his Mom what not to do is seriously and no joke.  I wish you have much more wisdom, wake up and change your mind soon before bad thing happen to you Thy. 

        Thy:  Cô ấy rất tài năng.  Cô đã làm việc cho một số công ty rất nổi tiếng.  Cô hơn tôi nhiều ở chỗ đó.  Cô đã thành tựu nhiều nhất ở thế giới đời thường, tại sao cô không cố gắng thành tựu nhiều nhất luôn ở thế giới tâm linh?  Trang này sẽ hướng dẫn nhiều sự giáo hóa Phật pháp quan trọng mà cô cần phải biết.  Khi cô đã đi chơi ở Legoland, cô đã thắng một con unicorn hay con ngựa một sừng lớn!  Chúc mừng cô.  Cô ấy đã là Mẹ của hành nhơn ở một trong những kiếp trước như Đức PHẬT thuyết vì vậy hành nhơn không cần phải nói thêm.  Thy, nếu cô không phiền, tôi có thể nói với cô là nghề làm người mẫu của cô không phù hợp với cô không?  Cô nên đọc Bài nói Pháp G:  Tại sao những người nữ không nên đăng những hình khiêu dâm trên mạng internet? để biết điều tôi muốn nói. 

        Khi tôi còn học ở trường trung học từ lớp 10 cho đến lớp 12, tôi đã có ba người bạn nữ mà tôi đã thích cùng một lúc!!  Ba người nữ được ưa chuộng nhất trong lớp tôi!  Họ không thực sự là bạn gái của tôi vì chúng tôi không có những lần gặp gỡ riêng tư.  Hành nhơn thích họ bởi vì họ học giỏi, đẹp, tốt bụng, con nhà giàu có, v.v...  Tên họ là Phạm Công Diễm Châu mà hành nhơn nghĩ Venice là sự tái sanh của cô, Nguyễn Thị Oanh mà hành nhơn nghĩ Beatrice là sự tái sanh của cô và Trần Thị Ngân và cô ấy vẫn còn sống ở Việt nam nơi gia đình cô sống chung với cô.  Những tình địch của cô bây giờ vào khoảng nửa tuổi của cô, lol.  Gia đình Ngân thuộc hạng trung bình và không giàu có như gia đình của OanhChâu.  Cô ấy đẹp, tử tế và rất giỏi về môn Văn chương.  Nhóm bạn gái của cô thuộc hạng gia đình giàu.  Đôi chân của cô to quá cỡ và cô thích bận quần shọt khi chạy xe đạp.  Đôi chân của cô lớn hơn gấp rưỡi những cô gái khác!!  Hành nhơn không biết cô tập loại thể dục gì.  Cô chạy xe đạp lên và về từ nhà đến trường như vậy khoảng ba năm.  Tôi đã thấy nhiều anh nhìn đôi chân của cô với sự hoan lạc!  Khoảng hai hay ba năm sau khi tốt nghiệp trung học, cô bị một tai nạn và bị gãy đùi!!!  Cô đã nằm viện một thời gian dài.  Hành nhơn cảm thấy rất tiếc cho cô mà không biết tại sao như vậy.  Khi Trí huệ của hành nhơn đã trưởng thành, hành nhơn đã biết cô đã gãy đùi của mình bởi vì sự trả thù của một người nam hay nhiều hơn một người nam mà đã tạo nhiều nghiệp xấu và chết bởi vì hay nghĩ về 'một chân đẹp làm tôi chết mê chết mệt'.  Hành nhơn cũng biết một ít câu chuyện rất buồn khác của những cô gái khêu gợi bên cạnh bạn gái Ngân không may mắn của hành nhơn.  Điều mà hành nhơn muốn khuyên cô những câu chuyện đáng buồn của bạn hành nhơn và những cô gái khiêu dâm khác rồi sau đó hãy suy nghĩ nếu nghề nghiệp làm người mẫu của cô có phù hợp với cô hay không. Khi một người con traì bây giờ là một chúng sanh đã Giác ngộ khuyên Mẹ của anh ta không nên làm điều gì thì đó là điều nghiêm trọng chứ không phải nói chơi.  Hành nhơn mong cô có thêm thật nhiều Trí huệ, sớm tỉnh ngộ và thay đổi ý định sớm trước khi điều xấu xảy ra cho cô Thy. 

        Tuyền:  She is kind, pleasant and has high respects for me.  Because of having high respects for me, next life she will be very tall and current life she will have plenty of blessings.  Hi Tuyền, read my advices for KhanhKhanhKhanh and other girls then cultivate for yourself.  I see you in Pure Land assuming you will practice Pure Land. 

        Tuyền:  Cô ấy thì tử tế, dễ chịu và có nhiều tôn trọng cho hành nhơn.  Bởi vì có nhiều tôn trọng cho hành nhơn, kiếp tới cô sẽ rất cao và kiếp hiện tại cô sẽ có nhiều phước báu.  Chào Tuyền, hãy đọc những lời khuyên của hành nhơn cho KhanhKhanhKhanh và những cô khác sau đó Tu-Hành cho bản thân cô.  Hành nhơn hẹn gặp cô ở cõi Cực-Lạc giả sử cô sẽ thực hành pháp môn Niệm-Phật.