My final advices for girls i know

        Here are my final advices for you guys.  When any of you guys have any Dharma question, please put it in the shoutbox on the homepage of this website.  I will answer your Dharma question as soon as I can.  After this time, my time for you guys will be much less.  Everything after today will be my choices of cultivations and I don't promise anything so that it will affect my precepts.  I use more time for reciting Amitabha Buddha's name, half or one hour a day to play charity games and transfer all blessings to reborn in Pure Land, one or two hours a day to translate Dharma, etc. 

        Here are my advices for all of you guys: 

        A.  You should try to have vegetable foods two days a month and gradually having vegetable foods more days in a month until you become a 100% vegetarians.  When you have meat, you are eating your parents' meats in one of your previous lives.  Eating meat are the cause to have war in the world.  War will never end if people keep eating meat.  World famous Venerable Dharma Master Hsuan Hua preached "Meat eating is a murder."

  The above verses means: 

        There is always in a bowl of soup

        Resentment is as deep as a sea and hatred is as tall as a mountain

        If you want to know where is the cause of war

        You should listen attentively to the killed animals' cryings in a slaught house in a quiet night. 


The piglets beg:  "We also want to live...  Please don't kill us ..!!!.." 


        Buddha preached:  "All male persons are our Father.  All female persons are our Mother.  We spend our many lives by being born by Them.  Therefore all sentient beings in the six realms of the cycle of rebirths are our Parents.  If we kill sentient beings for meat, we are killing our Parent, we are also killing our relatives." 

        B.  The most important thing to do in your life is to practice Pure Land Buddhism to reborn in Pure Land.  This brilliant concept is taught in Sutras and some of Dharma videos, Dharma talks, Dharma articles, etc.  Shakyamuni Buddha preaches Buddha Dharma for about 49 years with the best of His teaching Pure Land Buddhism to save all sentient beings out of the circle of rebirths and deaths.  Amitabha Buddha made 48 great vows to save all sentient beings out of the circle of rebirths and deaths.  Nine Dharma realms below cannot have liberation from the circle of rebirths and deaths if they don't practice Pure Land.  Nine Dharma realms are hell realm, hungry ghost realm, animal realm, human being realm, Asura realm, God realm, Arhat realm, Pacceka Buddha realm and Bodhisattva realm.  When Buddhas above in all ten directions of the past, the present and the future leave Pure Land Buddhism, Buddhas can't save all sentient beings. 

        C.  Don't pay much attentions and don't waste your precious time for worldly affairs.  They don't do any goods but to bring you back again inside the circle of rebirths and deaths.  You guys will reinvent your life in the wheel again in the circle of rebirths.  You do the same things again, meet and live with the same people again, live as the same sentient being again in the realm of the circle of rebirths, suffer the same things again, etc.  without knowing you already do those things again and again in the circle of rebirths. 

        D.  Don't think a marriage life is good to live, your husband may change his mind later by enjoying to drink alcoholic beverages, have relationship with another girl secretly;  your children may have bad friends, spend most of your money for useless fun.  Your will waste your life as a wife and a mother for decades.  A marriage life is not often promising as you want it to be.  Husband and wife aren't really husband and wife forever, they are just persons who owe each other alot in past life and this life they become husband and wife to pay all debts to each other, or they promised in the past to live with each other again and this life they become a husband and wife.  Your child is not really your child forever, he or she just a person that you owe alot in past life without paying, this life he or she become your child so you pay all debts to them by raising, educating, taking them to doctor, paying for school, marrying a person of opposite sex for them.  When all debts are paid, they will leave the house to live with their wife or husband, or they will leave the house to live with friends.  Your relatives aren't really your relatives forever, your grandmom maybe your niece from previous life, your father maybe your son from previous life, etc. 

        Your relatives, your wealth, you health, your fame, your worldly knowledge won't make you reborn as a human being again or better next life.  Only your right views, your Wisdoms, your blessings, your merits and virtues, your Pure Land practices can make you reborn as a human being again or better next life.  Even if you are the most blessing person in the world, you cannot have liberation from the circle of rebirths if you don't practice Pure Land.  With the most blessings, you can reborn as a human being again or a heavenly being only.  Blessings are limited, they don't follow you forever.  Unreal and temporary worldly scenes are like a rainbow, splendidness and prettiness attract worldly people to chase and to find them.  Worldly people think falsely scenes are real.  They make worldly people greedy when having more, angry when having less, ignorant in most things that they deal with what they own and other afflictions.  Worldly people clings to different views to make bad karmas or worse.  Buddha preached blessings are good, blessings should be cultivated together with merits and virtues.  Without blessings a person will be poor this life and next life, without merits and virtues a person will be ignorant this life and next life.  Buddha also advised human beings should be content when they have enough of what they own and should use their precious time for other cultivations. 

        E.  You should make a Bodhi mind or to save your precious time, you should make vow to reborn in Pure Land.  Then you should practice for blessings and transfer these blessings to reborn in Pure Land, cultivate for merits and virtues, practice Pure Land.  I already showed you guys how to practice for more blessings, merits and virtues, how to practice Pure Land.  These things are not naturally falling down from the sky, growing up from the earth or you already had them when you were born but you guys must work for them.  Buddhism is all about practicing and cultivating.  You must light your own torch to light your way to liberation from the circle of rebirths.  Like when you want to have money, you must have a job or career;  when you want to have a good future, you must go to school. 

        F.  Pure Land is the best system in the universe.  This is what I teach you guys and this theory isn't new.  When Shakyamuni Buddha preached Pure Land Buddhism, He is praised by Buddhas in the ten directions of the universe.  This isn't new too.  You guys should know Pure Land is praised by all sentient beings in all nine realms when they have opportunities to hear three words 'Namo Amitabha Buddha' only or more.  When they hear these three miracle words, their spiritual level will be better, they live longer if they are currently living in happy states like fairly land, heaven, etc. and they have more blessings.  According to them, these three words are more valuable than the best offered meal, the best gift, the best car, the best house, etc.  They jump up for joys, they cheer, talk, laugh, sit down in meditative pose happily like they are going to have a greatest feast, they also gather in groups and make the cloud forms with pretty shapes and shiny colors, etc. 

        You guys should abandon everything, try to practice Pure Land too like me therefore you will be the best like BUDDHA and have all the bests like Buddha which are what Buddha has.  You should tell your loved ones, your friends, your acquaintances to practice Pure Land too if you love them.  Don't travel in the circle of rebirths again like in a very complicated maze without knowing which is the only door to get out !!  Don't reinvent the wheel of life again and again with everything you had already been and done borely.  Don't waste your time, money, efforts, unnecessary karmic thoughts for that wheel of life.  When you want to be the best and want to have the bests, all you should do is practicing Pure Land and that is all you should do.  There is none of complicated and lying theories.  Why do you guys have to travel a long way from realm to realm, up and down, around, tirelessly without knowing a way out in a very complicated maze of an undesirable circle of rebirths?  Why do you have to?  All you need to do is practicing Pure Land and it's so easy.  When you want to be the best and have all the bests of every world, all you need to do is traveling one straight, shortest and easy line and you are out of the wheel of life, the maze or the circle of rebirths.  Like a group of birds flying from a cold region to a sunny and warm region in the winter.  The birds fly in a straight line without any extra longer lines of wasting time.  The smart birds know very well when they fly in a longer line, they will be die of hunger or cold weather.  Every sentient being who are still in the circle of rebirths all have Buddha mind.  Therefore, sooner or later, all of them including you guys will move out of the circle of rebirths to become a Buddha.  Move out by the easiest way guys, don't waste your time, money, effort, unnecessary karmic thoughts for the unwise things that I have already preached.  I wish you guys who are my wives in past lives the best and have much more Wisdoms to listen to what i advised you, sincerely, Buddhist monk Thich Huyen Quang. 

A few advices for Buddhist monks and nuns 

        Cultivators always treat fairly with everyone;  don't distinguish among classes, rich or poor, noble or not noble. 

        Cultivators always have peace, tranquility of mind and live a simple life.  Even though living in worldly environment they don't affect by worldly environment. 

Some pictures to motivate you for your cultivations





        Huyen Quang's commentary:  The above statement is not always correct.  If you don't like your job, apply an application to change to another department, don't quit.  Emotions aren't beautiful, they can be wrong view and wrong thought between two different sexes.  When you eat, don't appreciate every last bites but recite Amitabha Buddha's name.  Don't travel often, reduce your travel by airplanes to the minimum. 

        After today, I will have much less time for you guys.  I have given you more than enough necessary Dharma for your cultivations, especially Pure Land.  I have no regrets of missing you guys and will see you guys in Pure Land.  From now on, we should be more of Dharma friends only therefore my cultivations won't be affect, sincerely, Buddhist monk Thich Huyen Quang.